• Real life financial planning examples

  • Real life financial planning examples
  • To help you better understand the kinds of financial planning services that Australian Catholic Superannuation provides, the solutions we recommend and the costs involved, we've outlined some genuine examples of ways in which we've been able to benefit our members, help them achieve their goals and improve their overall financial situation.

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    Main reason for seeking advice Financial planning example
    Accessing super Frank (63) and Gail (58) need to tax-effectively access around $100,000 from their existing superannuation and allocated pension accounts with minimal impact on their Centrelink benefits—Frank's disability support pension and Gail's carer's payment.
    Choosing the right investment option Peter (57) was considering two potential investment options but was unsure which was right for him.
    Credit card debt John and Joan (both 56) sought our financial planning advice to help them repay their $45,000 credit card debt and remain on track to retire by age 65.
    Disability insurance benefits Maggie (55) had to give up work due to illness and she's worried about running down her savings to pay for ongoing medical and living expenses. Will she have to sell her home?
    Insurance cover James (38) wanted to determine the right type and level of insurance cover needed to make sure that his family would be looked after financially should he become ill or disabled and unable to work, or worse, if he should pass away.
    Insurance cover / income protection Kerry (50) is independently single, but wants to ensure she's doing all she can to take advantage of the financial benefits and options available to her. She wants to retire on her own terms at age 65.
    Investments David (32) has been a member of the Fund for a number of years, but until recently never took much interest in where his super was actually invested. He’s unsure which option is best for him.
    MySuper Balanced option Jason (59) was until recently in our default investment option (MySuper Balanced) but he never paid much attention because it had produced a decent return in the past. However, he has become unsure after seeing his account balance decline in line with the market.
    Salary sacrifice Sally's (45) employer offers an employer contribution scheme, in which members who salary sacrifice a certain percentage will get additional contributions by the employer on top of their mandatory 9.5%. She wanted to know more about this so she can start building her retirement nest egg.
    Self-managed super fund June (63) has been running her own self-managed super fund (SMSF) for the past three years and was concerned that ongoing fees and brokerage costs were exceeding her returns. 
    Strategy review Married couple Sandy (60) and Doug (59), both still working, need to generate more income and cashflow as a recent natural disaster has affected their livelihood.
    Transition to retirement Nev (56) and Carole (49) want to be able to live a comfortable life and travel. In order to achieve their dreams, they need to save tax and increase their retirement nest egg. Are they on track to retire at age 65?
    Transition to retirement After attending a free retirement planning seminar run by the Fund, Kate and John (both 60) wanted to learn more about how a transition to retirement strategy could help them to be debt free by the time they retire at age 65.
  • Your next step: getting advice

    If you’ve decided it’s time to take control of your finances, we’re here to help:

    • General advice and factual information—For advice on your everyday super-related matters, simply contact us during business hours.
    • Over-the-phone advice—To take advantage of this service, call us on 1300 658 776 and we’ll book a phone appointment at a time that best suits you (within business hours).
    • Tailored personal advice—For detailed advice about your unique financial or retirement goals, call us on 1300 658 776 to make an appointment to meet with a financial planner at a time that best suits you (within business hours).

    Our financial planning services are available across Australia: face-to-face, by phone or via Skype.

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