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SuperMatch Search Service

By using this SuperMatch service, you consent to SCS Super Pty Ltd (ABN 74 064 712 607, AFSL 230544) (Trustee), the trustee of the Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund (ABN 24 680 629 023) to use your Tax File Number (TFN) to search for superannuation accounts held in your name with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or other superannuation entities. 

Other super accounts will be listed and you can choose to consolidate these with your Australian Catholic Superannuation account. 

Transfer of other superannuation accounts to my Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund account

Once you receive the SuperMatch search results, you will be given an opportunity to request the transfer of some or all of your other superannuation accounts to your Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund account. By proceeding with the transfer request you are consenting to the terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

If you choose to transfer any or all of your superannuation accounts to your Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund account, you must first confirm the following:

  • I approve the deduction of any appropriate exit fees from the amount transferred subject to legislative restrictions. 
  • I understand that information contained in this request will be handled by the Trustee to process my rollover. 
  • I understand some rollovers received may be subject to 15% tax. This will apply to all rollovers from untaxed sources, for example rollovers from some Government sector funds and Superannuation Guarantee Contributions forwarded via the ATO. 
  • I understand that, generally, there is no charge for receiving money rolled in from other funds, but I should check with my other fund/s to see if they charge withdrawal fees. 
  • I consent to my TFN being disclosed for the purposes of consolidating my account. 
  • I understand that I will receive confirmation once my transferred account balance has been received from my previous fund/s.
  • I understand that all amounts transferred from my previous fund will be credited to this account and accumulate with investment returns (both on positive and negative) based on my chosen investment option, or the default option, if I have not made a choice. 
  • I understand that by completing this request I may lose any insurance entitlement I have in my previous fund. My insurance cover can generally be found on the other fund’s website, or on a recent statement. I can apply for additional insurance cover in this superannuation account, but I understand it might need to be assessed and approved by the insurer. For further information about my current level of insurance cover and the options available, where applicable, I can download the insurance factsheet by clicking here
  • I understand that I have the right to ask my previous super fund for information that I reasonably require for the purpose of understanding any super entitlements I may have in that fund, including information about any fees and charges that may apply to the transfer and information about the effect of the transfer on any entitlements I have in my previous super fund. I confirm that I do not require such information from my previous fund. 
  • I understand that I will not be liable for losses to which I have not contributed (such as fraud, negligence, system or equipment malfunctioning including non-completion of transaction and unreasonable delays in carrying out my instructions, any unauthorised transactions, any unauthorised transactions after I have notified the Trustee that my password has been breached).
  • I understand that I may be liable for losses to which I contributed; the amount for which I may be liable will not exceed the total benefit in the Fund. 
  • I understand that the Trustee will not be liable for loss which results from the consolidation of my superannuation accounts (such as a loss in investment performance). 


You consent to Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund collecting and using your personal information to manage your superannuation in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you do not provide this information, we may not be able to accurately manage your superannuation. To access your personal information or for a copy of our Privacy Policy, visit or phone 1300 658 776.