Finding a fund that is the right match for you might take some work but it can mean that you’re in good hands for the future.

Can I choose my own superannuation fund?

Most Australians are able to select their own super fund; however some industries and employer arrangements – and members of defined benefit funds – do not have the ability to choose their own fund.

Speak with your employer or the ATO to determine if you are able to choose your own fund. If you are, you will be given a standard choice form when you start work. If you would like to retain your Australian Catholic Superannuation account when you start a new job, simply fill in your account information using this Superannuation Choice of Fund form.

How to compare different funds

Here are some of the most important things to look at when you are comparing funds:




The lower the fees and costs, the more money stays in your account and is able to grow your retirement savings.

Investment Options

A large selection of investments with different levels of risk and return will help your fund adapt to your changing needs as you grow older.


If you need to contact a fund, understanding how their member services operate can be very useful.


Look at returns across several years to understand how a fund operates.


Are the insurance offerings affordable and applicable to your situation?

What happens if I don’t choose a super fund?

If you don’t want to choose a super fund when you start a new job, you will generally be enrolled into the fund that is offered by your employer. If you have the ability to choose a fund, you can ask your employer to pay contributions to your nominated fund.