It’s possible to split your pre-tax super contributions – like salary sacrifice and Superannuation Guarantee – to boost your spouse’s super balance and build toward a strong financial future.

How does contribution splitting work?

Married and de facto couples (including same-sex) can split pre-tax (concessional) contributions including salary sacrifice and Superannuation Guarantee (SG) – provided the fund allows contribution splitting.

Australian Catholic Superannuation does permit contribution splitting – and your spouse does not have to be a member of our fund to participate.

In any financial year, you can split the lesser of:

  • 85% of your concessional contributions (employer and salary sacrifice contributions)
  • The concessional contributions cap of $25,000.

Who can take advantage of contribution splitting?

If your spouse is below their ‘preservation age’ - or under 65 and not retired - you can split a portion of your concessional contributions.

What are special conditions to consider?

You must fill out a special form stating that you intend to split super contributions. Download that here.

If your spouse is a member of Australian Catholic Superannuation, there is no minimum amount that can be split. If you’re setting up a new account for your spouse, the minimum amount that can be split is $1500.

If you plan to claim a tax deduction for super contributions, you must lodge the deduction claim before filing a super splitting declaration.