Receive tax deductions for making personal contributions to your super – paying yourself for your future.

Super for the self-employed

If you’re a contractor, sole trader or self-employed, there’s no compulsory Superannuation Guarantee to ensure that regular contributions are going to your super. If you’re not putting money toward your super now you might not have enough to live on when you retire.

This isn’t hypothetical, either: 2016 ASFA research(1) found that up to 1 in 4 self-employed Australians don’t have a super account.

Making superannuation contributions can help you grow that money for your future while taking advantage of tax concessions to improve your financial situation today.

Managing your own super contributions

Here are two simple ways to make contributions to super:

  • If you pay yourself a wage, treat yourself like an employee and send at least 9.5% of your before-tax income to your fund.
  • If you pay yourself out of your business revenue, submit a lump-sum contribution when your cash flow allows for it.

Why use super?

Because of the favourable tax conditions for super – pre-tax contributions are taxed at 15% for the majority of individuals – you can save a significant amount of tax by investing in super rather than putting those funds into a savings or investment account.

The investment options in super also make it a good vehicle for your savings. We offer our members 12 different options – from high-growth to low-risk – to help them select the investments that are right for their individual situation.

Superannuation also offers members access to important insurance options – including death, disability and income protection – that can help you protect the business you’ve spent time building. 

You don’t need to work for a Catholic organisation to join Australian Catholic Superannuation – we would be glad to help you build toward a brilliant financial future. Learn more about what we can offer you here.