Having super in a range of different funds isn’t just annoying, it could also be costing you money! We have a tool that can assist our members find (and reclaim) these funds. Best of all, it costs you nothing.

What is lost super?

If you’ve had other jobs, then it’s likely you will have had other super accounts!

As you get older, you might change address or phone number (and forget to update your details). Over time, super funds can lose track of where you are.

What’s wrong with having lots of accounts?

One account means less fees! You may also be paying for insurance you don’t need if you have multiple accounts. You’ll also be able to better manage your investment strategy, as all of your funds will be in one place.

Doing a search may also find you accounts you didn’t know you had!

Is lost super the same as unclaimed super?

A super fund will report you as lost if you are:

- Uncontactable
- Haven’t received a contribution in five years
- Your account has been moved to another fund, but they do not have your details.

Unclaimed super, however, is money that is transferred to the ATO. It is kept there (on your behalf) until you are found. This occurs twice a year.

The move to the ATO will happen if:

- You are over 65, haven’t made a contribution for five years and the fund has not been able to contact your for five years
- You are deceased, and the fund hasn’t been able to locate the rightful owner
- You are a temporary Australian resident, and it has been six months since you left the country and your visa has expired
- You are entitled to your ex-spouse’s super in a divorce, and the fund has been able to contact you
- You are a lost member with a balance less than $6000
- You are a lost member who has had an inactive account for twelve months, and your fund doesn’t have the right details to pay you.

What if i'm not a member?

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Please note, you will need your account ID to utilise this tool.

DISCLAIMER: Before choosing to consolidate any super you find, we encourage you to understand the repercussions. This may include losing insurance. If you have any concerns, please contact us.