It takes just a couple of minutes to consolidate your super accounts; let us help you get started.

If you’ve ever changed jobs or moved, you might have lost track of a superannuation account. That account still has your funds in it! Here’s how to claim it.

Why should you consolidate your super?

  • Reduce duplicate fees
  • Control your investments
  • Cancel any unwanted insurance.

Before you consolidate:

  • Verify exit fees
  • Review your insurance cover and benefits to ensure that your chosen fund will meet your needs.

Lost super

Some super accounts default to the ATO after the funds are unable to contact the owner. While the money is safe, it isn’t accruing interest or growing - meaning it’s not working as hard for you as it could!

Our Supermatch system can help you find any “lost” funds and easily consolidate them to your Australian Catholic Superannuation account.

Consolidate in just a few minutes