All superannuation funds charge fees, though they can vary greatly between different organisations. As a profit-for-members organisation, Australian Catholic Superannuation believes in keeping our fees low to help our members keep more of their money in their account, growing for their retirement. To assist in that, we charge only what it costs to manage your funds.

We do not pay dividends to shareholders or commissions to advisers.

Administration fee

Administration fee is $1.50 per week.

If you have a superannuation account, we charge $1.50 a week plus 0.25% pa of your account balance (capped at $2000).

Investment fee

Investment fees cover the cost to manage your investments – this includes things like performance related fees and external management costs.

For our default, LifetimeOne, you will pay 0.73% – 0.86%. 

For our High Growth option, you will pay 0.63%.

For our credit income option, you will pay 0.47%.

As you can see, the percentages are different for each option. See below for all of our options.

Investment option Investment management fee %pa  Indirect cost ratio
 LifetimeOne  0.49%  0.24% – 0.37%
 High Growth  0.39%  0.24%
 Growth  0.46%  0.31%
 Balanced  0.49%  0.37%
 Conservative Balanced  0.44%  0.30%
 Conservative  0.35%  0.25%
 Socially Responsible Balanced  0.57%  0.00%
 Shares  0.27%  0.17%
 Australian Shares  0.30%  0.15%
 International Shares  0.24%  0.19%
 Property  0.83%  0.63%
 Bonds  0.25%  0.26%
 Credit Income  0.32%  0.15%
 Cash & Term Deposits  0.09%  0.00%

Advice fees

Click here to learn how much our award winning financial planners charge.

Insurance fees

Insurance fees (or premiums) are removed from your super balance automatically. Curious about how much you need? Learn more here.

Other fees

Buy-sell spread: Nil

Switching fee: Nil

Exit fee: $55

Download our fees & costs fact sheet  

Remember, a small difference in fees now can add up to being a significant difference by the time you retire; it’s important to understand how much you are paying for your fund.

Fees can be charged regularly, annually or when an action is taken. Please note that other fund costs and expenses may be taken out of fund assets. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for further details.

When you’re comparing fees, costs and performance, it’s important to ensure you’re comparing them equally – apples-to-apples. For example, ensure that fees are taken out at the same time, i.e. fees are charged weekly or fortnightly, or before or after weekly unit prices are determined.

Additionally, the fees for options with different risk profiles can vary greatly so comparing low-risk fund options might not provide clarity if you’re after a higher-risk option.

Example of Annual Fees and Costs