We believe in keeping our fees down to enable our members to keep more of their money in their account, growing for their retirement.

How do we keep our fees down?

No dividens to shareholders

No dividends to shareholders

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No entry of exit fees

No entry or exit fees

Other super funds may charge fees every time you transfer your money into your account.

No financial planner commissions

No financial planner commissions

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Fees breakdown

Here is a list of a full range of fees and costs associated with your Australian Catholic Superannuation account:

  • Administration fee

    Administration fee is $1.50 per week. If you have a superannuation account, we charge $1.50 a week plus 0.25% pa of your account balance (capped at $2000).

    Learn more about administration fees here.

  • Investment fee

    Investment fees cover the cost to manage your investments – this includes things like performance related fees and external management costs.

    For our default, LifetimeOne, you will pay 0.67% – 0.80%.

    For our Growth option, you will pay 0.67%.

    For our credit income option, you will pay 0.46%.

    Learn more about investment fees here.

  • Indirect costs

    An indirect cost ratio is your part of the indirect costs incurred by the investment managers to manage your investment. This includes everything from brokerage costs (the cost of trading shares) to stamp duty paid on the purchase of a property.

    Whilst these costs are not paid out of the Fund as a fee payment to the investment manager, the investment returns reflect all costs incurred.

    Learn more about indirect costs here.

  • Advice fees

    Learn how much our award winning financial planners charge.


  • Insurance fees

    Insurance fees (or premiums) are removed from your super balance automatically. Curious about how much you need?

    Find out more 

  • Other fees

    Buy-sell spread: Nil

    Switching fee: Nil

    Download fees and costs factsheet

  • Investment option fees and indirect cost ratio

    The table below summarises all investment management fees and indirect cost ratios that will apply for each investment option:

    Investment option Fees and costs Indirect Cost Ratio 
    LifeTime One 0.43% 0.30%-0.37%
    Growth 0.37%  0.30% 
    Balanced 0.42%  0.34% 
    Conservative Balanced 0.42%  0.37% 
    Conservative 0.43%  0.31% 
    Capital Stable  0.35%  0.24% 
    Socially Responsible  0.57%  0.00% 
    Shares  0.22%  0.21% 
    Australian Shares  0.22%  0.21% 
    International Shares  0.22%  0.21% 
    Property  0.77%  0.65% 
    Bonds  0.27%  0.15% 
    Credit Income  0.31%  0.15% 
    Cash + Term Deposits 0.09% 0.00% 
    RetireSmart Growth  0.42%  0.34% 
    RetireSmart Cash  0.09%  0.00% 
    *Effective 1 November 2019.

Example fees breakdown

The table below shows what fees might look like in one year for a member who is invested within the ‘Balanced Option’ and has a superannuation balance of $50,000. 


Example - Balance option  
Investment fees 0.42% (50,000 balance x 0.0042) $210 
PLUS Adminsitration fees $1.50 (1.50 x 52 weeks in a year = $78) + (50,000 x 0.0025 = $125) 
PLUS Indirect costs 0.34% (50,000 balance x 0.0034)  $170 

Please note: additional fees may apply

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