There’s nothing quite like diving into a new podcast or finding someone new who is a great follow on Insta or Twitter. Who doesn’t love being the first to find a gem, something you can share with your friends or use to learn something fascinating?

Here are a handful of awesome options that definitely deserve a like and subscribe.


The Pineapple Project

Now into its second season, The Pineapple Project is a podcast hosted by Claire Hooper who is on a “mission to learn the secrets of people who are nailing their work lives”. The first season of The Pineapple Project dealt with money and finances, everything from thinking rich to buying a house in a refreshingly breezy and honest style. The second season has changed a bit, now tackling working life by covering topics like nailing an interview, dealing with a toxic workplace and balancing kids and a career.


Miss Money Box

Bronwyn Bruce AKA Miss Money Box is dedicated to helping Australian women better understand their personal finances. Bruce has an approachable style with some great credentials, working on her Master of Research in Economics, Finance and Marketing from RMIT. While she’s slowed down posting new material to her website, the Miss Money Box backlog is a great place to start getting an education on money matters. Check out the Miss Money Box Facebook page for a hit of on-topic articles.


Clever Girl Finance

Personal finance tips and tricks by women, for women. Some of their advice might seem obvious – like the “Miracle solution for handling debt – Don’t buy stuff you can’t afford”, but sometimes we could all use a refresher. Founded by financial expert Bola Sokunbi, Clever Girl Finance will add some actionable tips and tricks to your feed, along with the occasional warm fuzzy quote.


Alan Kohler

We’re big fans of the quick and concise reporting that Alan Kohler brings to the ABC and his work as a finance journalist over the years. Kohler’s Twitter feed is a great way to connect with him and get his sometimes-ribald takes on what’s happening in the markets.