July was another strong month for investment markets and our portfolios rose in line with the buoyant markets. 

Looking back over the previous 12 months, our fund continues to show good performance during the course of the financial year. In fact, on a rolling basis, over the last year our diversified options are among the top performers in Australia. 

LifetimeStart has outperformed our previous default MySuper Balanced investment option by more than 1.5%, meaning that LifetimeOne has increased returns for all members up to the age of 60. A great start for our new default investment option and positive news for our members. 

There is some concern about the future of investment markets. US share prices – and all growth assets – are at historically high prices. We have taken a cautious stance with our portfolios by reducing exposure to shares and increasing the amount of US dollars we hold, which are traditionally safer than domestic currency. This is intended to help protect our members’ balance in case of market swings. 

That all said, we are always looking for new ways to grow our member savings in volatile market conditions. To that end, we are seeding as “first investor” in the Kapstream Absolute Return Income Plus Fund (KARIPF).  

If you have questions about the moves our investments team are making and what impact that will have on your retirement savings, feel free to reach out.