Despite some concerns that we may be nearing the end of buoyant financial markets, the last financial year was an exceptional one for investment markets.

Growth assets like property and shares made 9% - 13%, which in turn resulted in strong returns for superannuation funds including ours. In case you missed the news, our growth option was named the 18th best-performing by SuperRatings with returns over 10%!

Our financial year investment performance

Overall, we also did very well last financial year with our various diversified options with all of them finishing in the top 25% of all funds.

The returns from our choice super options were:


Investment Option Return for the financial year 30/6/18
 Shares option 12.9%
 Growth Option 10.1%
 Balanced Option 8.2%
 Conservative Balanced Option 6.3%
 Conservative Option 4.1%

What’s next

Whilst recent returns have been pleasing, we are not resting on our laurels and are constantly working hard to grow our members’ retirement savings as safely as possible.

The initiatives that we are currently working on include looking for more real assets (property and infrastructure) and finding ways to diversify and add value to the portfolio so it can do well in all conditions, including any potential downturns.

In particular, we are watching very closely interest rates in the US, inflation and oil prices. In Australia, we are looking at house prices, as home lending is a major driver of bank profits.

Take a fresh look at your positions

Changing market conditions may have a significant impact on the performance of your investments. It might be a good time to take a fresh look at your financial situation.

Our financial advice team can review your goals and prepare a plan that meets your needs. Get started at