Our diverse investment choices can help you continue to grow your retirement savings even as you are drawing it as a regular income.

The investments offered by Australian Catholic Super can help you create income in retirement.

Our investment strategies are designed to help provide a sound return on your capital and prudently manage risk. The returns you receive will depend on how your pension is invested, e.g. how much is invested in growth assets like shares compared to defensive assets such as cash.

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Pension investment returns

How long your account-based pension will last depends on several factors, including the level of withdrawals and the earnings from your investments.

See the details of current and past pension investment returns here.

Pension unit prices

We express our investments in units; the value is reported each week and reflects how each investment option has performed.

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Transition to retirement unit prices

Tax implications mean that TTR unit prices may differ from pension unit prices.

View the latest TTR unit prices and performance information here.