RetireChoice gives you control of your investment decisions to achieve long-lasting income in retirement.

What is RetireChoice?

RetireChoice is an account-based pension that allows you to choose how your funds are invested while you're withdrawing them.

Key features of RetireChoice


A RetireChoice account based pension gives you the flexibility to change your investments as your needs change.

Pension income

You can nominate your annual income – subject to age-based minimums – as well as choose the investment option(s) from which your income is paid.


Need to make a withdrawal? RetireChoice allows you to do this at any time.

Payment frequency

You can choose to receive your payments weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, twice-yearly or annually.


Minimum investment


Maximum investment

You can invest up to $1.7 million in an account based pension product, such as RetireChoice. You must consider your personal transfer balance cap in the process. 

Do I need to choose an investment option?

You will be required to select at least one investment option when you commence your RetireChoice account based pension account.

You can change your investment options at no additional cost. To make the change, you can either submit a RetireChoice Investment Switch form or by logging in to your Australian Catholic Superannuation account.

Where can I read more about RetireChoice?

For more information about RetireChoice, download the Pension PDS.

Is there an account based pension which doesn’t require me to select my investment mix?

If you prefer not to select any investments, our RetireSmart account based pension may be a suitable option for your needs.

We also suggest you consider the Fund’s Target Market Determination for Pension (TMD) to help you understand the class of consumer the product is generally designed for. Access to the TMD is available on the Forms and Downloads section of our website.