Here are some ways that you can supplement your income in retirement – as well as suggestions to make that money last longer.

Funding your retirement

Your regular pay is a constant part of working; it’s not something we usually think about. Every week, fortnight or month our pay goes into our bank account and we use it to pay the bills.

Having a regular income stream in retirement can help you in retirement. Here are a few different options:

Centrelink Age Pension 

If you meet the age, asset, residency and income tests then you may be eligible for the Centrelink Age Pension. You can manage it using our RetireSmart account-based pension.


Age Pension rates

The Age Pension can be either full or partial; it can also be used to supplement other forms of income. See the latest rates.


Using super as an income stream

Transition your lump-sum super savings into a pension account that makes regular deposits into your accounts while keeping the bulk of it invested and growing.


Transition to retirement pensions

You can start accessing your super – up to 10% per year – as soon as you reach your preservation age. Use this money to pay off bills, pay down your mortgage or travel – almost anything you want.


Making pension investment choices

If you use a pension investment product, you may be able to set investment choices to keep your savings growing even while you access it!


Risks around pension investments

As with any investment option, there can be the risk of a negative return from your investments. Learn about the different products and growth levels available.


Get advice on how to set up an income stream in retirement 

Review your options with one of our financial adviser. Click here for more information.