The Age Pension is a government scheme that provides eligible Australians with income to assist them with living expenses when they retire.

Pension rates

Each year, the government updates the pension rates on 20 March and 20 September.

Below are the rates as of 20 March 2021:

Single person Couple living together  Couple combined Couple separated due to ill health
Maximum basic rate  $868.30 $654.50 each $1,309.00 $868.30 each
Maximum pension supplement  $70.30 $53.00 each $106.00 $70.30 each
Energy supplement  $14.10 $10.60 each $21.20 $14.10 each
Total per fortnight  $952.70 $718.10 each $1,436.20 $952.70 each

Note: For many people, the Age Pension is not enough to live on. It's important that you ensure you've maximised your superannuation.


There are four keys to determining if you are eligible for a full or partial payment from the Centrelink Age Pension:

Am I eligible for the Centrelink Age Pension?

  • 1. Residency

    Generally, to be eligible for the pension, you must be an Australian resident and physically present in Australia on the day you submit your claim.

    You must also have been an Australian resident for at least 10 years. For at least five of these years, there must be no break in your residence.

    There are some special exceptions for widows, refugees and former residents of some countries Australia has special social security arrangements with.

    Please visit the Services Australia website for more information on residency requirements.

  • 2. Age

    The pension age for men and women born from 1 July 1952 will be gradually increased from 65 to 67 years as set out in the table below.

    If your date of birth is..... Your qualifying age is......
     Before 1 July 1952  65 years
     1 July 1952 to 31 December 1953  65 years and 6 months
     1 January 1954 to 30 June 1955  66 years
     1 July 1955 to 31 December 1956  66 years and 6 months
     From 1 January 1957  67 years

    You can submit your claim in the 13 weeks before you reach the qualifying age. For more information on the pension age, please visit the government’s Social Security Guide.

    If you don’t have access to a computer at home, you can visit your local Centrelink centre and use the self-service computer terminals.

  • 3. Income test

    Centrelink uses the income test to determine how much Age Pension you’ll receive. The income test reduces your Age Pension payments for every dollar of income received, or have deemed to have received, over a certain amount. Below are the income rules for a majority of pensioners:

    Single person

    Income per fornight Amount your pension will reduce by
    Up to $180 $0 
    Over $180 50 cents for each dollar over $180 

    Couple living together or apart due to ill health

    Combined income per fortnight Amount your combined pension will reduce by
     Up to $320 $0 
     Over $320 50 cents for each dollar over $320

    If you were receiving a pension on 19 September 2009, Centrelink will pay you at the transitional rate until your pension is no longer higher than the current income tested rate.

    For Centrelink, your income includes both actual payments received and any deemed income. Your deemed income is determined by reviewing existing investments and applying deeming rules, which assume that certain financial assets provide a fixed rate of return.

    The income test thresholds also differ depending on your circumstances.

    For more information about the income test for pensions, click here.
  • 4. Assets test

    Like the income test, the assets test can mean a reduction of your eligible Centrelink benefits due to the value of your assets.

    Note that your Centrelink payments won’t be reduced by both the income test and asset test, but your payments will be determined by which of the two tests gives you the lower amount.

    Some common assets that Centrelink takes into consideration when assessing your assets include:

    • investment properties
    • financial investments such as shares, cash and managed funds
    • superannuation and income stream investments, including account based pensions
    • business assets held as a partner or sole trader
    • motor vehicles, boats and caravans
    • household items, hobby or investment collections.

    For each $1,000 in assets valued over the threshold, a couple's pension payments will be reduced by $3, or $1.50 per $1,000 each.

    The table below outlines the assets test thresholds for the full Age Pension payment. From 1 July 2021, pensions reduce when your assets exceed the limit for your situation:

    Your situation Home owner  Non-home owner
     Single $270,500 $487,000
     A couple combined $405,000 $621,500
     A couple, separated due to illness, combined $405,000 $621,500
     A couple, one partner eligible, combined $405,000 $621,500

    The table below outlines the assets test thresholds, or disqualifying limits, for the part Age Pension payment:

    Your situation Home owner Non-home owner 
     Single $588,250 $804,750
     A couple, combined $884,000  $1,100,500
     A couple, separated due to illness, combined $1,040,500  $1,257,000 
     A couple, one partner eligible, combined $884,000  $1,100,500 


How do I claim the Age Pension?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, visit the Services Australia website, which outlines the steps to submit your claim.

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