At Australian Catholic Superannuation, our goal has always been to empower our members to achieve the retirement they deserve. To do this, we offer investment products to suit your risk profile, award winning insurance, award winning financial advice, competitive fees, an in-house call centre and, most importantly, an organisation you can trust.


Fee reduction

The Fund is always looking for ways to deliver better outcomes for our members. As such, we are pleased to announce a reduction in our investment fees and indirect cost ratios from 12 October 2021.

Please note, this is in addition to the reduction of our asset-based administration fee and investment fees on 1 July 2021.

Option 1 July 2021 Investment management fee and ICR fee Reduction  12 October 2021 Investment management fee and ICR fee 
LifetimeOne ages 40 and under 0.70%  -0.07% 0.63% 
LifetimeOne 50  0.71%  -0.08%  0.63% 
LifetimeOne 60 0.72%  -0.11%  0.61% 
LifetimeOne 70 and over  0.73%  -0.16%  0.57% 
Growth  0.69%  -0.06%  0.63% 
Balanced  0.70%  -0.07%  0.63% 
Conservative Balanced  0.73%  -0.12%  0.61% 
Conservative  0.73%  -0.15%  0.58% 
Captial Stable  0.59%  -0.16%  0.43% 
Socially Responsible Balanced 0.56%  -0.11%  0.45% 
Shares  0.44%  -0.05%  0.39% 
Australian Shares  0.55%  -0.12%  0.43% 
International Shares  0.37%  -0.02%  0.35% 
Property  1.27%  -0.09%  1.18% 
Bonds  0.63%  -0.42%  0.21% 
Credit Income  0.54%  -0.10%  0.44% 
Cash  0.09%  0.00%  0.09% 

**The table above provides the investment management fees and ICR for a 40, 50, 60 and 70 year old in LifetimeOne. Please refer to the Fees and Costs Superannuation Factsheet for this information for each of the 31 stages, based on your specific age.


New mobile app

It’s never been easier to check your super on the go! Our new app makes checking your super simple. The app can assist you with checking your balance, understanding where you are invested and a range of other features.

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Investment performance

The Member Portal is an effective way to learn more about your superannuation. Once you have registered and logged into the portal, you can check your balance, change investment options, consider consolidation if it is right for you, understand your insurance and update your details.



Financial advice

If you require assistance with your superannuation, our Financial Advice team can assist you with the queries you have, including questions around investment options, an ongoing strategy or Fund performance.

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We're here to help

We are here to assist you with any superannuation, retirement, insurance or financial advice query you have. Contact the Fund office on 1300 658 776 or to speak to one of our friendly call centre staff, book in for financial advice, speak to a regional manager or send us an email.


We also suggest you consider the Fund’s Target Market Determination for Superannuation (TMD) to help you understand the class of consumer the product is generally designed for. Access to the TMD is available on the Forms and Downloads section of our website.