Just as our views and requirements change as we move through different life stages, our attitudes toward risk-taking tend to vary as we get older. This is one of the reasons why it’s important for you to check that your super is invested in options that are suitable to your circumstances. After all, you’ve worked hard over many decades, so you’d want to ensure that you have a sound retirement investment strategy.

Given that there’s less time for the investments of older members to recover from market downturns, Australian Catholic Superannuation typically invests these members’ super in defensive assets that have a lower level of risk. For members in the default option, LifetimeOne, your investments automatically become more conservative as you age to help protect your wealth. For members who have chosen their own investment options and are still working or have retired, Australian Catholic Superannuation adjusts the asset allocations in these options according to the current economic situation and outlook.

Investing in a near-zero interest rate environment
With the official cash rate at an unprecedented low level, there are implications for Australian Catholic Superannuation’s Bonds and Cash & Term Deposits options.
To help members maximise the earnings on their super, Australian Catholic Superannuation has adjusted its diversified options (for example, the Conservative, Balanced and Growth options) in the following ways:

By taking these steps, Australian Catholic Superannuation aims to help our members grow their nest egg and meet their long-term objectives.

Each person’s goals and tolerance to risk is different, so we encourage you to consider your individual situations when deciding how you invest your super.

Need guidance about your finances?

If you are a member of Australian Catholic Superannuation, we offer advice on your superannuation investments, contributions or insurance at no additional cost through our limited advice team. Alternatively, we also offer comprehensive advice that looks at a broader range of topics including your finances outside of superannuation.

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