The Christmas holidays are a time for relaxation. Studies show that it is important for teachers to turn-off, relax and give themselves some well-deserved “me time”.

In a study by UK academics (City, University of London 2015), Christmas holidays were highlighted as a pivotal time for teaches to avoid exhaustion. The study also highlighted that a break (even a two week one) enabled teachers’ health and emotional state to recover.

So what are you meant to do? And no, working isn’t the right answer. Here’s some simple tips of what to do.

1. Get some sleep!

Recharge the batteries. Have you been getting at least 8 hours? Make sure you get the sleep you deserve.

2. Exercise

Go for a walk, hit the gym, enjoy a swim or play some tennis – whatever you want! Exercise enables you to clear your head and get recharged.

3. Meditation apps

Take some quiet time and think about yourself. Meditation can be a simple 30 minutes to yourself, or if you need more direction think about using an app like Headspace.

4. Read a book

Is there a better way to unwind? Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, sit somewhere quietly and read a book (for yourself!!). 

5. Go to the beach

Look at the waves, sit on a towel, get some sun and (most importantly) get some fish and chips. The beach is the perfect way to switch off.

6. Volunteer

Volunteering can be a great way to get your mind off things. There are a number of fantastic Catholic agencies that need your help. CatholicCare and St Vincent de Paul all need help!

7. Spend time with loved ones

Make the most of your holidays with loved ones. It could be your kids, grandkids, dogs, cats, brothers or friends. Even if they drive you crazy, at least you’re not thinking about work!

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