We’re proud to introduce LifetimeOne, our new default investment option that changes your investment mix as you age and you get closer to retirement.

What is LifetimeOne and how does it work?

LifetimeOne is a great option for anyone who wants a superannuation account that automatically adjusts your investment mix based on your age. This provides you with a diverse mixture of investments that will help you grow your retirement savings without requiring you to make changes yourself.

LifetimeOne is a simple strategy that adjusts as you age. Here’s how it works:

  • Until age 40, you will be in a growth-focused mixture with 89% of your investments in things like Australian and international shares.
  • Each year after age 40, your investments will gradually become more conservative to protect your accumulated wealth. This will happen automatically on or about your birthday.


We believe that by making small changes each year rather than big changes every say 10 years, LifetimeOne will provide you with a smooth transition between investment strategies.

What makes LifetimeOne different?

Like most other funds, we offered members who made no investment choices a single investment option – MySuper Balanced. MySuper Balanced is a well-diversified option with a blend of growth and defensive assets.

Having 31 stages, as opposed to less than five, will provide automatic and gradual changes to your investment mix as you age.

The fees for LifetimeOne will be either comparable or lower than the fees for our current MySuper Balanced investment option. We’ve always provided a good value for our members so finding ways to further lower our fees is important to us.  

Why now?

Making a change like this isn’t easy; we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that we will get it right. We didn’t want to roll out a system that wasn’t the best-possible one for you. 

In the interim, we’ve also made other changes to our various investment options, including introducing the Credit Income option, to help improve overall investment performance.

Even though I can't sign up yet, is there another option?

Watch this space for more details. If you wish to choose your own investments now, log in to the member portal.