Australian Catholic Superannuation investments are expressed in units.

These units are valued each week. Their value goes up or down depending on how investment markets perform (i.e. investment earnings are included in the unit price each week).

Your account balance at any time is the number of units you hold in a particular option multiplied by the applicable price for that option. Learn how we calculate unit prices and the difference between a fund return and a member return here.

The tables below list the current unit prices for our superannuation, pension and transition to retirement investment options.Unit prices set on or after 29 September 2015 will not include a buy-sell spread. For the Transition to Retirement Unit prices prior to 1 July 2017, please refer to the Allocated Pension Past unit prices.

Please note that the name of some of the Fund's investment options have changed: 'MySuper Balanced' became 'LifetimeOne', effective 1 May 2018 and previously ''Balanced' became 'MySuper Balanced' on 1 July 2013, however, the pension investment option remains as 'Balanced'; 'Diversified Shares' became 'Shares', 'Diversified Property' became 'Property', 'Diversified Fixed Interest' became 'Bonds' and 'Cash' became 'Cash and Term Deposits', effective 1 October 2015. The 'Credit Income Option' became available on 1 July 2017.


To accurately find the correct unit prices, select the month in the drop-down menu, and click "Filter".

Superannuation unit prices

Pension Unit Prices

Transition To Retirement Unit Prices