Your attitude toward risk may change once you are retired and are living on your savings. You can use that money while your capital continues to grow!

Is investment risk different for pensions?

There is an inherent level of risk in any investment product. The relationship between the potential for a positive and negative return – and how much – is defined as risk. You can learn more about the relationship to risk and return in investing here.

While there is no innate difference between the risks associated with our super and pension products, your perception of risk appetite may differ because you are relying on that money now rather than saving for the future.

This doesn’t mean that there is any single strategy that is right for every pensioner. Some members with account based pensions want higher returns, others want to minimise the chance of a negative return. That’s why we provide a wide variety of investment options that can be tailored to help achieve many different goals.

Your investment choices

14 different investment options, including RetireSmart, are available to members of Australian Catholic Superannuation.


More ways to fund your retirement

A full or partial Centrelink Age Pension could have a significant influence on your retirement plans.


Your options for controlling your retirement

Our Account based pensions offer flexibility and stability while providing you with strong investment returns to give you confidence in your future.