Our superannuation investment choices

For information on our current investment options please refer to the Product Disclosure Statements and Factsheets.

We offer 14 investment options to help our members create an investment portfolio that meets their individual needs.

Superannuation investment choices

Super contributions can be invested across a range of diverse options – each with a different asset allocation and return objective. You can select one or mix and match.

The return that you receive is strongly influenced by the investment option that you select.

Investment options include:

  • Diversified options are diversified, meaning they are invested in different asset classes like shares and property. This creates a unique mix of options. The risk level ranges from medium to very high.
  • Single asset class investment options are not diversified. The risk profiles range from low to very high.

Review the table that summarises all investment management fees and indirect cost ratios that will apply for each investment option as from May 2018. It also lists the current fees and costs.

Diversified investment options

Single asset classes

Changing your investments

We make it easy to select your investments, whether for the first time or making a change.

Do I have to make an investment choice?

From 1 May 2018, if you are automatically enrolled with Australian Catholic Superannuation by your employer and do not make an investment choice, your investments will be invested in our MySuper option, LifetimeOne.

If you join as a personal member, you must make an investment choice.