Selecting your investments can make your super account grow to match your needs

Why should I select investment options for my super?

Selecting where you invest your superannuation savings is one way to influence the amount of risk and potential return your retirement account may experience.

If you select aggressive, high growth options you may see a large return however there is a higher probability of seeing a negative return – or a return lower than expected in any given year. That is known as risk read more about that here.

We offer twelve different options to allow you more control over how you balance your interests, limit your risk and help better plan for your retirement.

What happens if I don’t select any investments?

If you don’t select any investment options, your money is invested into the default MySuper product. Learn more about that product, its returns and fees here.

How do I compare performance?

To review the performance of different options within a fund, you can look at the expected returns and actual returns across various periods of time, from a single month to several years, depending on the age of the product.

Remember that while past performance does not guarantee future returns it can be useful to understand how investments perform over time.

Comparing performance between funds is more difficult. What we call Bonds or Australian Shares may be offered by another fund but have completely different contents. When you compare performance, you should look at returns along with associated fees and costs, and the contents of the option, before you decide if it is right for you. Not all investment options have the same risk profile (even if they have similar names) and not all investment managers take into account environmental, social, governance or ethical considerations.

Which investment options should I consider?

The short answer is that there is no perfect solution for everyone however there are several ways we can help you find a good investment package.

We offer our members a complementary over the phone advice service to better understand our different options and provide recommendations of the best way to invest your superannuation based on your unique circumstance

There are many factors our financial advisers use to determine your tolerance for risk. For example, someone early in their career with a lower superannuation balance may be interested in taking on more risk because they have less to lose if they do see a negative return. Alternatively, someone nearing their retirement may not wish to take on risk because any losses would delay or change their retirement plans.

Book a time with our financial advice team for a review of your situation.