What does the Trustee Board do?

SCS Super Pty Limited (ACN 064 712 607) is the Trustee of the Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund.

The Trustee Board is ultimately responsible for the sound and prudent management of the Fund’s business operations in a manner that is consistent with the best interests of its members.

There are 12 director seats on the Trustee Board and each director is required to serve the best interests of Fund members in accordance with the Fund’s rules and relevant law. Six of the Board’s directors are elected by members (Member Representative Directors), and the other six are nominated by the Principal Employers of the Fund (Employer Representative Directors).

For the Member Representative Directors, there are three voting electorates with director positions as follows:

  • NSW/ACT/other – 4 positions
  • WA – 1 position
  • Qld – 1 position

This Trustee Election process is being conducted to fill the six Member Representative Director positions once the current Member Representative Directors’ term of office concludes on 30 June 2019.

Existing Member Representative Directors are eligible to restand for election provided they have not reached their maximum tenure period and they retain their Fit & Proper status.

For further details in relation to Director responsibilities and legal requirements refer to the Role and duties of Trustee Directors.

The Member Representative Director election process

The first stage of the Fund’s Trustee election process, the Call for Nominations, is now complete. Sixteen candidate nominations were received for the six available positions of Member Representative Director.

As there were more nominations than Board seats available in NSW/ACT, Qld and WA, an election is required in each of these Electoral Divisions.

This is a further opportunity for you to have a say in how your super fund is managed, by voting for the candidate/s you would prefer to be appointed as Trustee Directors—your valid vote counts!

The elected Member Representative Directors (subject to final eligibility checks and the Trustee’s fit and proper requirements being satisfied) will be appointed to hold office for a four year-period from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2023, subject to the provisions governing the Fund. Unsuccessful candidates may remain eligible for appointment for the balance of a remaining term, should a casual vacancy arise.

How do you vote?

The Roll of Votes for the election closed on 26 November 2018 and you are eligible to vote if you were a member of the Fund at that date. Members who joined the Fund after that date are not eligible to vote.

All eligible members will receive by post the relevant voting documents for their particular Electoral Division. This mailing is scheduled for completion on Friday, 15 March 2019 and each mail pack will include:

  • Brief statements from each candidate - available to download below
  • Instructions on how to vote
  • A ballot paper
  • A reply-paid return envelope – members residing outside of Australia will need to affix postage to the envelope.

Once you have completed your vote on the ballot paper, please place it in the reply-paid envelope provided and post it to reach the Returning Officer by 5:00 pm (AEDT) on Friday, 5 April 2019. Please allow at least five (5) business days for normal postal delivery so that your ballot is received in time to count.

The ballot closes on Friday, 5 April 2019 at 5:00 pm AEDT.

We’re here to help

For more information or assistance regarding the voting process, please contact us by phoning 1300 658 776 or emailing fundoffice@catholicsuper.com.au