Our tailored personal advice service can help create a more complex strategy to achieve your personal financial goals at many different stages of your life.

We can help you address:

  • Achieving your financial goals (reducing debt, saving for your children’s education)
  • Retirement planning (including pensions, super income stream and Centrelink)
  • Earlier access to your super using a transition to retirement pension
  • Strategies to build your superannuation balance (including salary sacrifice)
  • Understanding and selecting appropriate investment options
  • Identifying your insurance needs
  • Managing your tax liability
  • Reviewing your financial goals.

Our financial advice team take a holistic approach to your financial situation and future requirements, creating a plan that comes from a detailed analysis of your situation.

The first meeting with your financial adviser is a no-cost, no-obligation review of your situation.

The planner will inform you of the cost of preparing a recommended financial plan based on a competitive rate that reflects the amount of work involved in preparing your plan. All fees and costs will be outlined clearly before you make any decision.

Your plan will be presented in a Statement of Advice. You will then meet with your planner to discuss that advice and decide whether you would like to implement it.

We want you to feel secure about what is happening. You have the option of meeting with your planner at a later date to review your progress and, if necessary, update your plan. 

Cost for services:

First appointment: No cost, no obligation

The cost of a simple plan can range from $300 - $1200, depending on your needs. Whereas a complex plan will range between $1,200 -$3,000 depending on the complexity of the advice. All costs will be detailed before you are asked to agree.

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