Since 1981, we’ve helped people who work in Catholic education, healthcare, aged care and welfare plan for their future by providing excellent superannuation, insurance, retirement planning and financial planning services. We are a fund with over 82,000 members, with a portfolio worth over $9.4 billion. 

We have worked closely with ACU for a number of years. We share a number of common elements, namely a commitment to helping members/students achieve their goals in terms of education, whether that be university studies or financial literacy.


Catholic focused

We are the super fund of choice for the Catholic sector, but we’re also open to anyone who’s eligible for super. 

We work closely with the Church to ensure that our values align with their teachings. We practice what we preach, and adhere to a defined set of goals across the entire fund.

- Act with honest and integrity
- Provide professional, respectful and compassionate service
- Continuously grow and develop our culture
- Encourage innovative thinking
- Empower and trust our people
- Act as one team.

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Diverse investments

We offer 14 investment options to help our members create an investment portfolio that meets their individual needs.

These range from a Growth option (for those willing to accept a higher level of risk) to more conservative options (like Bonds).

Our default option, LifetimeOne, is a great choice for people who simply want to know their super is being managed effectively. Once members reach 40 years of age, the asset allocation will change gradually, moving from a growth focused asset mix to a more conservative one as a member moves closer to retirement age.

If you require more information, we offer over-the-phone limited advice to assist with investment choices. 

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Affordable insurance

Having your life insurance provided through super is generally a cost-effective way to provide security for your finances and family.
The three types of insurance that are commonly provided through super include:

Death cover (including terminal illness
Total and permanent disability (TPD)
Income protection (IP)

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Financial advice

We can provide you with personalised advice to help you achieve your financial goals.

Financial advice and planning can make a difference in your life no matter if you’re starting your career or getting ready to retire. From creating a plan to building wealth and reducing debt to helping you transition to retirement, financial advisers can help you achieve your goals.

Financial advice can help you:

Achieve your financial goals
Plan for your future
Transition to retirement

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