Joining the celebration of Catholic Education in Queensland!

We continue to be inspired and encouraged by the efforts of the Catholic education community. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor Queensland Catholic Education Week!

First and foremost, CEW is about celebration of the strengths and distinctiveness of Catholic schools, highlighting the significant contributions Catholic education makes to the lives of all Australians. We’re glad to share the great things that take place in schools every day! CEW will involve the communities of all Catholic primary and secondary schools across Queensland.

CEW is an ideal opportunity to:

- Convey the rich and unique history of Catholic education
- Showcase what happens every day in Catholic schools
- Invite the community to experience the Catholic education difference first-hand.

CEW is also about strengthening relationships between students, staff, families, priests, parishioners, and members of the wider community.

Our ongoing support for CEW

Just as schools and teachers nurture the fundamental learnings of their students, guiding and supporting members on their life-long financial journey to eventual retirement is a principal purpose of Australian Catholic Superannuation.

We’re committed to promoting financial awareness through the broader community, equipping members for financial success by improving their knowledge and money management skills.

Naturally, tomorrow’s members are today’s students. Catholic education plays a vital role in helping young people develop good financial habits through themes and subjects in school learning programs.

Schools and teachers are ideally placed to help young Australians develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to meet the challenges of the future.

Knowing how to manage money and make confident and informed financial decisions are core life skills. If children don’t get these skills today, the poor financial decisions they make tomorrow or later in life can have a long-lasting impact on their lives.

This is why Australian Catholic Superannuation is delighted to once again be supporting Queensland Catholic Education Week.

We’ve maintained close ties with the broader Catholic education community since we were founded in 1981. The Fund was established to provide retirement benefits to those who teach or work in Catholic schools, but since that time we’ve expanded to also serve the wider community.

Education for staff and parents is important too!

Want to improve your own education on super-related matters?

We offer free visits to schools and other workplaces to provide information sessions covering a broad range of superannuation-related topics. During the year we also conduct a range of seminars, which are available to members and their partners, as well as family and friends.

For more information on our services and how we can work together to support the education community, or to arrange for us to visit your school/workplace and talk with staff, please call your Australian Catholic Superannuation Regional Manager on 1300 658 776 or use 
our callback service.

Enrolling your child in a local Catholic school

Below is a list of dioceses, with more information on enrolling your child in the Catholic schooling system.