Working with the community is an important part of Australian Catholic Super.

Australian Catholic Superannuation has maintained close ties with the Catholic community, and in particular the Catholic education community, since the Fund's inception over 30 years ago. In fact, the Fund was initially established as an industry superannuation fund to provide retirement benefits to those who teach or work in Catholic schools and Church Agencies, although we are now open to Australians from all walks of life.

Catholic education is focused on ensuring the literacy of future generations of Australians and that every student has the best possible start in life. This parallels our own focus and approach in providing first-rate information services to empower members in making sound financial decisions as they save and plan for eventual retirement. Find out more about our partnerships within the Catholic education community, the ways in which we're helping to promote the benefits of Catholic education, as well as the many achievements of Catholic schools, students and staff around the country.

Just a few we work with are: