The leading superannuation fund for employees of Catholic organisations, Australian Catholic Superannuation and Retirement Fund, was today named among the Top 100 most innovative organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

The prestigious annual list, which is published by The Australian Financial Review, placed Australian Catholic Superannuation at number 65 in recognition of the Fund’s innovative approach to investing its members’ money.

More than 1,000 organisations nominate every year for the awards, with only one other superannuation fund included in the 2018 list of the Top 100.

With more than 93,000 members and $8.5 billion under management, Australian Catholic Superannuation is a fund for employees in Catholic schools, hospitals, aged care facilities and welfare organisations nationally.

The Chief Executive Officer of Australian Catholic Superannuation, Greg Cantor, said being named among the Top 100 most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand for the second time in 3 years recognised the work undertaken by the Fund to provide top-class products and services to its members.

L to R : Michael Block CIO, Greg Cantor CEO, Sandy Rimagmos Head of People & Culture

Mr Cantor said the judges had noted the work undertaken by Australian Catholic Super in designing its recently-launched default option, LifetimeOne, which had been built from scratch by the Fund in less than 9 months. Mr Cantor said that he was proud of his staff and the culture that had been built over many years.

He said the Fund had recently also received an Australian Business Award for Marketing Excellence, which recognised the way in which Australian Catholic Superannuation provided education sessions and presented marketing material to its members.

The Fund had also been awarded a Business Technology Award, which recognised its “best of breed” new website, which had been developed in under four months and resulted in increased engagement by members.

Mr Cantor said he understood the LifetimeOne option was the most sophisticated of its kind in the industry and, by having 31 different stages, significantly reduces sequencing risk.

He said under the strategy, a member’s superannuation would be adjusted every year from age 40 by one to two percentage points so that the balance between a growth and a conservative investment approach is matched with their age and proximity to retirement. 

LifetimeOne was launched to members on May 1 and follows a history of innovation by Australian Catholic Superannuation, including its award-winning pension option RetireSmart which was launched in October 2015.

About Australian Catholic Super

Australian Catholic Superannuation is Australia’s leading super fund for Catholic employees across Australia, with more than 93,000 members and $8.5 billion in funds under management as at 30 June 2018.

Australian Catholic Superannuation has been in operation since 1981 and is the super fund of choice for employees in Catholic workplaces in the education, healthcare, aged care and welfare sectors.

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