Greg Cantor

Chief Executive Officer

Appointed: December 1989

Skills and experience

Greg Cantor is the long-serving CEO of Australian Catholic Superannuation. When he commenced with the Fund, funds under management were in the region of $80 million; today they are nearly $11 billion.

He has overseen over a dozen mergers into Australian Catholic Superannuation.

Greg's focus is on providing members with a dignified retirement - a theme that resonates throughout the entire business.

In 2011, Greg was awarded the FEAL Scholarship to attend the Centre for Investor Education International Investing Conference.

Fund committee membership

Chair, Management Committee

Secretary, Remuneration & Nominations Committee


Cameron Wood

Head of Marketing and Business Development

Appointed: January 2002

Skills and experience

As Head of Marketing and Business Development, Cameron and his team focus on engaging and assisting members and providing the financial futures they deserve.

Cameron has over 17 years of financial services experience, having worked at Australian Catholic Superannuation since 2002.

He is driven by a focus on members – understanding what they want and need, and then delivering through engagement campaigns, seminars and strong relationships.

Fund Committee Membership

Member of various internal steering committees

Executive Officer

Executive Officer, Marketing and Business Development Steering Committee

Sharnie Barabas

Head of Client Services

Appointed: November 2004

Skills and Experience

Sharnie’s main focus is on member outcomes – she strives to ensure an excellent, seamless experience for those accessing or asking about their account.

With over 18 years of financial experience, 14 of those at Australian Catholic Superannuation, Sharnie is responsible for all the Fund's administration, call centre functions and processes.

Fund Committee Membership

Member of various internal steering committees

Executive Officer

Complaints Officer

Michael Block

Chief Investment Officer

Appointed: December 2014

Skills and Experience

Michael's involvement in the Australian financial services sector spans over 30 years and has seen him hold a diverse range of positions in investment banking, government and funds management.

Michael has been pivotal in a range of investment initiatives within the fund - from increasing the outcomes of our members to the new lifecycle default option LifetimeOne – and works closely with his investment team to assist members.

Fund Committee Membership

Executive Officer

Investment Committee of Australian Catholic Super (2014-2017)


Chris Rutter

Head of Finance and Accounting

Appointed: November 2010

Skills and experience:

Chris has over 18 years' experience in the financial services industry.

Having joined Australian Catholic Superannuation in 2010, Chris leads the Finance and Accounting Team who are responsible for the fund’s financial reporting, tax compliance, and regulatory reporting requirements.

Fund positions/committee memberships:

Company Secretary

Secretary, Audit & Risk Management Committee

Appointed an executive officer in August 2015


Alex Morelli

Head of Information Technology

Appointed: February 2012

Skills and experience:

Alex has gained over 25 years' experience in information technology while working for a number of large Australian companies.

He is experienced in IT operations, sales, strategy, security, project and vendor management across various IT systems, including infrastructure, mobility platforms, airline, asset and facility management, financial and ERP systems.

Fund positions/committee memberships: 

Member, IT Steering Committee

Appointed an executive officer in July 2013


Sandy Rimagmos

Sandy Rimagmos

Head of People and Culture

Appointed: June 2016

Skills and experience:

Sandy has over 25 years’ experience in Human Resources management which has seen her hold a number of senior strategic HR roles in Financial Services, Investment Banking, Investment Management and Property industries.

Sandy is responsible for applying the strategic direction for People and Culture within Australian Catholic Superannuation.

Fund positions/committee memberships: 

Appointed an executive officer in October 2016


Tim Poole

Head of Financial Advice

Appointed: October 2010

Skills and experience:

Tim has been in the finance industry for over 20 years, with his early career was spent working in both personal income tax and audit qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.

Tim is focused on ensuring members have simple access to financial planning, and ensuring member outcomes are reached in both the short and long term.

Fund positions/committee memberships: 

Embedded planner since July 2011

Appointed an executive officer in December 2016


For remuneration of key management, please see Remuneration for Responsible Persons.



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