Superannuation is one of the biggest investments that any Australian will ever have. It’s essential that your super is managed by people with great qualifications, extensive experience and your best interests at heart.


In all that we do, we stick strictly to the law and regulatory requirements, and to industry standards.

Under a range of corporate governance policies and practices we:

  • Make sure your funds are well managed
  • Deliver long-term security
  • Divide responsibilities clearly with a defined framework within our fund
  • Make sure everyone who looks after our fund is both suitable and accountable to all that they do.

Our governance teams

While our Trustee Board of Directors governs our fund, our in-house management team and staff carry out everyday operations.

Complementing our in-house experts are external service providers whose specialist skills help us with key operations. This includes managing fund assets.

Everyone aims to meet or go above service standards.

Our governance approach

To operate with care and protect your interests, our Trustee Board has a framework to manage conflicts of interest, handle complaints and ensure compliance.

The Fund has a Code of Conduct that governs how we operate on a day to day basis. You can access a summary of our Code of Conduct here.

If your interests or benefits are going to be affected by a significant event or the introduction of a material change, you’ll be notified. If the event or material change is potentially adverse, you will be notified as soon as possible of the change. We may take longer to notify you of other changes.

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