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      • Using passive investing gain passive income – for an active future!

        13 September 2017

        Using passive investing gain passive income – for an active future! The thought of investing can evoke off-putting imagery. Gordon Gekko lecturing that, “Greed, for a lack of a better word, is good” in Wall Street has left investing with a reputation as being for disreputable, complex and unapproachable.

      • Not all investments are right for every individual

        12 September 2017

        Not all investments are right for every individual If you’ve ever tried on a piece of clothing that was labelled “one-size-fits-all”, you know how ridiculously inaccurate that concept can sometimes be.  Yet many Australians have their superannuation contributions – the key piece of the retirement strateg

      • Spring clean your finances

        8 September 2017

        Spring clean your finances Spring is in the air, and while you’re probably focusing on getting your home and garden looking good, don’t overlook the need to give your finances a thorough spring clean. We look at five ways to put the spring back in your fiscal health. 1. De

      • How to handle money in relationships

        5 September 2017

        How to handle money in relationships       It’s no secret that financial issues can drive a wedge in even the strongest relationship. Yet ironically, money rates as one of our top taboo subjects. One in four Australians would rather talk about taxes than engage in conversations about money – eve

      • Access 10% of your super – before you retire!

        5 September 2017

        Did you know that from age 57 you are eligible to withdraw 10% of your superannuation account balance? 

      • Share our value and values with your family

        5 September 2017

        Low fees, responsible investment options, an excellent superannuation experience and Catholic values are just a few of the things we can offer to your family.

      • The importance of investing ethically

        30 August 2017

        The importance of investing ethically   When you’re looking at your superannuation investments, the line at the top of the balance sheet is generally the most important – how much money that option has made. Some of us stop reading there; content knowing that our retirement is on-track. At Aust

      • Ensure your super payments make it to your account!

        17 August 2017

         Millions of Australians have been shorted super in their lifetime. Here are some ways to ensure that your future is secure.


      • Get around-the-clock answers to questions about your account on the phone!

        16 August 2017

        Get around-the-clock answers to questions about your account on the phone!   We work hard to make your experience calling us as good as possible. Our call centre is located in Australia and we focus on providing expedient service when you call.

      • How to downsize your home and put some money toward your retirement!

        9 August 2017

        Other than adding to your retirement savings, what benefits do you see coming from downsizing your home?

      • How to use your super for your first home deposit

        3 August 2017

        Using salary sacrifice to save for a home deposit could mean you keep more than $12,000 of your money. Let us show you how. 

      • Income replacement benefits for members

        10 July 2017

        It is often cheaper, and more convenient, to arrange insurance through your superannuation account than finding comparable insurance outside of superannuation.

      • Why you need a financial check-up

        5 July 2017

        Make sure your funds are working hard so you can do what you love in retirement.

      • Finding new ways to grow your retirement accounts

        3 July 2017

        A new investment option helping conservative investors avoid a surprise.

      • Is your Pension on the right track?

        29 June 2017

        The end of the financial year is a great time to review your pension account so you can ensure you're getting the most out of it.

      • Partnering with the Catholic community

        27 June 2017

        We proudly partner with several Catholic organisations on initiatives supporting leadership, mentoring, and mental and physical health.

      • Women leading women: encouraging mentorship

        20 June 2017

        Mentors can guide us through tough challenges and help navigate complex environments, empowering us to take charge in the future. Sadly, just one in five women reports ever having a mentor.

      • Latest updates to Federal Budget 2016

        15 September 2016

        The Government has announced on 15 Sept a major revision to its Budget that we advised you about back in May 2016.

      • SuperFriend workplace mental health programs

        24 August 2016

        Nearly half (45%) of the population will experience a mental disorder at some stage in their lives and almost one in five Australians (20%) will experience a mental illness in a 12-month period*.

      • Don't leave your family at financial risk

        14 July 2016

        How would your family get by if the worst was to happen? Unforeseen circumstances are easier to deal with, financially and emotionally, if you make that bit of effort now to consider them and plan ahead. Find out more about making sure you have adequate insurance cover in place to protect both yourself and your loved ones from future financial difficulties.

      • What Brexit means for your superannuation

        1 July 2016

        The United Kingdom held a referendum on 23 July 2016 to decide whether it wished to remain in the European Union. The polls thought it would be a close contest while experts expected a clear majority to vote in favour of Britain remaining in the EU. 

      • Reduction in cost of living for retirees

        14 June 2016

        Reduction in cost of living for retirees Current retirees and those in planning will welcome news that the cost of living in retirement has reduced.  The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) has released their updated Retirement Standard for the March 2016 quarter. The Retirement Standard b

      • Employers can help staff take control of their super

        23 May 2016

        Employers can help their staff take control of their super and avoid account balances being automatically transferred to the ATO. Find out more.

      • Minimum annual pension withdrawals reminder

        20 May 2016

        If you have an allocated pension providing you with an income stream in retirement, remember that there’s a minimum proportion of your account balance that you must withdraw each financial year. The minimum amount will vary depending on your age.

      • Four ideas to improve your super quickly

        12 May 2016

        Many people have great intentions when it comes to getting their finances in order. However, when it comes to actually getting started, these intentions can go out the window. To help you get underway, we’ve put together a list of four ways you can improve your super situation in just a few quick clicks.

      • Federal Budget 2016: More than a dozen changes to super

        5 May 2016

        The Government handed down its 2016-17 Federal Budget on Tuesday, 3 May 2016. Major changes to superannuation were announced – to help keep you informed, here are the major changes to super which may affect you or members of your family.

      • How is retirement after the first 10 years?

        18 March 2016

        One of the pleasures of my position as a Regional Manager with Australian Catholic Superannuation is meeting and supporting wonderful people in their retirement plans, such as John and Jean of the Townsville community.

      • Digestive health awareness launch: event wrap up

        16 February 2016

        As part of our ongoing support of The Gut Foundation, our Australian Catholic Superannuation recently hosted a digestive health awareness event at our head office in Burwood.

      • The power of compound interest

        20 January 2016

        Getting a head start is smart If people are more engaged with their super from when they start their first job, they are more likely to maximise their retirement savings. The effects of compound interest mean that small decisions from the start of your career will have a significant impact on the level of

      • Why is super so important for you

        19 January 2016

        Why is super so important for you If people are more engaged with their super from when they start their first job, they are more likely to maximise their retirement savings. The effects of compound interest mean that small decisions from the start of your career will have a significant impact on the level of r

      • Three strategies for safeguarding super on maternity leave

        12 January 2016

        Three strategies for safeguarding super on maternity leave Women in Australia are lagging behind when it comes to their superannuation. On average, women will retire with a super balance that’s almost half that of men^. This lower level of savings, coupled with a longer average life span, is leading women to fi

      • Helping employees who are ill, injured and unable to work

        26 October 2015

        Helping employees who are ill, injured and unable to work Insurance through superannuation can be an effective way for your employees to protect themselves and their family from the financial consequences of death, disability or major illness. Most Fund members have insurance as part of their superannuation

      • Looking after your health, wealth and wellbeing later in life

        14 August 2015

        The days of retiring in our fifties are probably coming to an end, as people acknowledge the financial, social and health benefits related to working longer before full retirement.

      • Is the Centrelink Age Pension safety net torn?

        15 July 2015

        Never in Australia’s history has an ageing population had such heavy reliance on Centrelink Age Pension payments as an income source rather than a safety net for the maintenance of living, health and aged care standards.

      • 7 ways to keep employees active and healthy at work

        19 June 2015

        Work and health don’t have to be separate, with many experts and organisations showing how the two can merge. Here are 7 simple ways you can look after your employees’ wellbeing through physical activity.

      • Federal Budget 2015: What does it mean for your super and retirement?

        17 May 2015

        Find out if announcements made in the Government's handing down of the 2015 Federal Budget will have an effect on your superannuation, pension or plans for retirement.

      • Facts and figures of mental health in the workplace

        1 May 2015

        As an employer, find out the two major reasons why becoming a mentally healthy workplace should be a top priority for your organisation. The facts and figures support this without question.

      • Coping emotionally and financially with life’s changes

        30 April 2015

        Significant changes occurring at different stages throughout our lives generally require careful management for both mental and financial wellbeing.

      • Maximise your contributions to super within the limits

        14 April 2015

        Because superannuation receives favourable tax treatment, the Government puts limits, or caps, on the tax benefits available. Make sure you understand the limits so you can maximise your super contributions and avoid paying more tax than you need to.

      • How to effectively manage stress at work

        26 March 2015

        Find out how you can manage stress more effectively so it doesn’t cause mental or physical health problems or stop you from working and getting on with your life.

      • Will seniors health card loss hurt your pension income?

        4 March 2015

        Loss of access to the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CHSC) could impact the Centrelink income treatment of your superannuation allocated pension. Find out how.

      • Why is it SMART to salary sacrifice?

        27 February 2015

        Saving money and reducing taxes are smart reasons to salary sacrifice some of your future income into superannuation. Find out if this strategy could be to your financial benefit.

      • Increased super benefit payments for your dependants

        22 December 2014

        An anti-detriment death benefit payment is an increased lump sum amount, in addition to your super account balance, that is paid to your eligible dependants in the event of your death.

      • You need a super insurance bargain

        19 December 2014

        Insurance cover through your super fund can be a bargain to provide the security you need as your financial and lifestyle circumstances change in the future.

      • Beneficiaries receive additional superannuation death benefits

        2 December 2014

        An anti-detriment death benefit payment is a refund of contributions tax you paid during your working life and is made to your beneficiaries upon your death, in addition to your superannuation account balance.

      • Will changes to Centrelink Income test rules affect your pension?

        24 November 2014

        Changes to Centrelink Income test treatment of account-based pensions commence on 1 January 2015. The new rules may affect your future Government Age Pension entitlements.

      • The clock is ticking on allocated pension transfers

        29 September 2014

        Centrelink is changing its income test treatment of allocated pensions from 1 January 2015. This change may not be in your favour, so consider your options before the end of 2014!

      • Superannuation predictions: The future of retirement income

        24 August 2014

        As Australia’s population ages and prepares to stay longer in the workforce, find out what impacts these factors may have on your superannuation savings and future retirement income.

      • Simple ways to super-size your super

        24 July 2014

        Here’s a five-step checklist of simple ways to help get your super back on track and to boost and grow your savings for retirement.

      • Signals to avoid financial derailment

        30 May 2014

        Women especially, but also men, need to plan their financial journey with skill and foresight and watch out for signals or events which could derail their plans for financial security. Read more to learn how to help prevent your finances from 'going off the rails'.

      • Aged care financial advice

        17 January 2014

        Making arrangements for aged care is becoming an increasingly complex aspect of later life. If you're overwhelmed with all of the options and costs that need to be considered, it can be wise to seek financial advice, like Betty did in this case study.

      • Mind the super gap

        28 October 2013

        The plight and problems of female financial security in Australia are fuelled by the fact that many women leave the workforce for extended periods to fulfil parental duties. The Government’s Paid Parental Leave Scheme should help alleviate some of this financial pressure as women will be able to confidently take leave knowing they are not abandoning their careers or the accumulation of valuable superannuation and savings for retirement.

      • The Baby Boomer dilemma: Risky business

        30 September 2013

        With the recent drop in official interest rates, many older investors will be looking at their investments and perhaps reassessing their choices. They want better returns, naturally, and are wondering about the wisdom of taking on more risk.

      • Retirement mistakes you can avoid

        16 July 2013

        Quality of life in retirement will be determined by actions you take long before you stop working. Here are 3 key mistakes to avoid.

      • Transition to retirement and access some of your super from age 55

        27 May 2013

        Even if you're not quite ready to fully retire from the workforce, there is a way that you can gain access to your superannuation savings once you reach age 55. Learn more about whether converting some of those super savings into a transition to retirement pension account and continuing to work full or part-time may be suitable for you.

      • A cautionary tale with self-managed super funds

        5 December 2012

        Some members have exited the Fund to establish a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) only to find that it does not live up to expectations, as the following case study illustrates. We believe there are some tell-tale signs of pending problems for members to consider before establishing a SMSF.

      • Anti-detriment payments mean tax refunds for members

        5 December 2012

        An anti-detriment death benefit payment is the term for an increased lump sum amount, in addition to your super account balance, that is paid to your eligible beneficiaries in the event of your death. The payment is meant to represent a refund of superannuation contributions tax you have paid during your lifetime. Australian Catholic Superannuation is one of the few funds that makes these payment automatically on both superannuation and pension accounts.

      • Aged care planning for you or your parents

        5 December 2012

        Increased awareness of superannuation is leading many of us to plan for retirement, in the financial sense. What is often overlooked though is the financial impact of ill health and the cost of aged care – either for aged parents, or increasingly, for ourselves.

      • Saving for a home loan

        5 December 2012

        Making the decision that you would like to fulfil the great Australian dream of owning your own home is very daunting. Where to start could begin with that awful word that sounds restrictive, controlling and generally not much fun, BUDGET.

      • Build your wealth with the power of compounding

        5 December 2012

        If you are saving through superannuation and have time on your side, then compounding is a simple yet powerful way to create long-term wealth.

      • Income replacement benefits for members under age 30

        5 December 2012

        Ever considered how your finances would hold up if you were unable to work for a period of time due to illness or injury? Making sure you have income protection (temporary salary continuance) insurance cover in place can make a real difference to your financial wellbeing in case the unforeseen does happen. Here are some real insurance claims examples for Fund members, aged around 30 years, who have benefited from receiving income replacement payments through their superannuation insurance cover.

      • Income replacement benefits for members aged 30-44

        5 December 2012

        Making sure you have income protection (temporary salary continuance) insurance cover in place can make a real difference to your financial wellbeing in case the unforeseen does happen. And it's often cheaper and more convenient to arrange this protection through your superannuation fund than finding comparable insurance outside of superannuation. See some real insurance claims examples for Fund members, aged 30-44 years, who have received income replacement benefits when they were unable to work for a period of time due to illness or injury.

      • Pre-tax super contributions limit reduced for 2012/13

        5 December 2012

        If you are aged 50 years or older and have been contributing to your super on a pre-tax (concessional) basis, you may need to re-assess your contribution strategy as the previous financial year's pre-tax contribution limit of $50,000 has been reduced to $25,000 for 2012/13. Contributions in excess of this amount can still be made, but will attract a higher tax rate. Making reduced pre-tax contributions and increasing your after-tax (non-concessional) contributions to super could be the answer for you.

      • Your friends can rollover their allocated pension to our Fund

        5 December 2012

        It's not uncommon for us to hear of allocated pension users from other funds who feel dissatisfied with the service provided by their non-Australian Catholic Superannuation financial adviser or fund. This may be even more evident for retirees who become aware that they are paying their external adviser trail fees, often in addition to the entry fees paid when the pension was originally started. Read the full article for a possible solution.

      • Are your investments appropriately risky?

        1 September 2017

        Are your investments appropriately risky? Risk is the key to understanding investing and is a good way to guide the selection of investment options that are right for your unique needs. In our previous article <previous article URL>, we discussed how to identify risk in investments as well as the

      • How risk influences your investment returns and options

        1 September 2017

        How risk influences your investment returns and options   Simply, investment risk is the possibility that you may lose money - or that your investments will not keep pace with inflation. Risk can be a good guide for selecting the investment options that are right for your unique needs. That might s

      • Responsible investing: Socially Responsible Balanced Option

        12 August 2016

        At Australian Catholic Superannuation, we recognise the importance of being able to invest your savings in line with both your values and your financial needs.

      • Why members should not panic when the market takes a dip

        23 May 2016

        The best investment strategies always begin with a proactive stance and a plan of what to do when times get tough. This is easier said than done when faced with share market volatility- and even the savviest investors have been known to panic and sell out at exactly the wrong time.

      • Investment Block: March 2016

        24 March 2016

        Block thumbnail Our Chief Investment Officer Michael Block gives us an update recent market volatility and what this could mean for the future.

      • How fund managers know when to buy shares

        17 March 2016

        As fund managers, we are often asked when is a good time to buy shares. The short answer is that history has shown that when shares are good value, one can generally expect a better long-term return in the future. Additionally, research has shown that when shares are expensive, expected returns over the next 10 years are generally lower.

      • Protecting members' funds against a stock market crash

        16 March 2016

        The next stock market crash could be tomorrow or it could be some time in the distant future. The fact is, while we can take steps to increase our probability of predicting the next crash, the future is always uncertain and we don’t know what’s going to happen before the event.

      • Drastic decline in price of crude oil

        10 March 2016

        The price of crude oil has fallen from around US$120 (in 2008 and 2012) per barrel to around $30 per barrel in February 2016.

      • Share market volatility in last half of 2015

        17 February 2016

        Share market volatility in last half of 2015 During the second half of 2015 most equity markets around the world declined in value as a result of concerns relating to China, Greece and rising interest rates. The 'all ordinaries' index fell by around 2% from 1 July to 31 December 2015 in the second half of the

      • Australian vs international shares

        16 February 2016

        Australian vs international shares Why does the MySuper balanced option have more invested in international rather than Australian shares? The MySuper Balanced option currently invests 55% of assets in shares and the rest in a variety of assets such as infrastructure, property, bonds, cash and term de

      • Investment options: growth versus defensive

        13 January 2016

        Investment options: growth versus defensive Some funds classify investment options by how much is placed in each of growth and defensive options.   In most cases, growth investments include assets like shares and property and defensive assets include cash, government bonds and investment grade corporate.

      • What is an emerging market exposure?

        2 December 2015

        When you invest with Australian Catholic Superannuation, depending on your investment options,  a proportion of your investments may be allocated to emerging markets.

      • Changes to investment option naming

        1 December 2015

        Choosing the right investments for your superannuation is an important factor in making sure your money grows sufficiently to provide you with a long-lasting source of income throughout your retirement. However, we recognise that making those all-important

      • Will Australian Catholic Superannuation be bringing its investment management in-house?

        25 August 2015

        Find out why Australian Catholic Superannuation believes it can achieve best value and lowest risk for members through external vs in-house investment management.

      • Australian Catholic Superannuation expands its investment team

        3 August 2015

        Australian Catholic Superannuation recently appointed two managers to its in-house investment team to facilitate a more adaptive and innovative approach to investing.

      • Investment markets outlook | July 2015

        27 July 2015

        The investment outlook for the next few years is very uncertain as markets are likely to continue to be volatile. Not only are interest rates low and asset prices high, suggesting that forthcoming returns will be subdued, but investors are concerned about the prospects for Greece and China and the effect they are likely to have on future share prices and currency exchange rates.

      • Investment update: Global market review | Dec 2014

        20 February 2015

        This investment update gives a global market review as at 30 December 2014, including a look at the year that was in 2014, what the coming year holds for investors and an asset performance summary.

      • Investment market update | Sep 2014

        23 December 2014

        This investment update outlines market returns as at 30 September 2014 and provides a brief outlook for economies and market developments in the near term. Also summarised is the revised strategic asset allocation adopted by the Trustee.

      • Invest early, no matter how small

        3 February 2014

        Making a start on a regular savings plan early in life, combined with the power of compounding interest on your investments, can make an astounding difference to the amount of savings you can build for your retirement.

      • Investment market update Oct 2012

        5 December 2012

        This investment update outlines market returns as at 31 October 2012 and provides a brief snapshot of the European and Australian economies. Also outlined are some of the investment strategies adopted by our Trustee Board over the past year.