• Types of financial advice

  • Not sure what type of advice you need?

    That’s why we provide you with the following free advice and fee-for-service personal advice options so that you can decide which one is right for you.

    General advice

    If you require factual information on super, insurance, investments and pensions. This does not take your personal circumstances into account.

  • Over-the-phone personal advice

    Our phone-based advice service offers members clear and concise personal advice on four specific topics.

    Our qualified superannuation adviser can provide personal recommendations for you on:

    • The most effective way to build your super (salary sacrifice and personal contributions)
    • Which Australian Catholic Superannuation investment option/s may be right for you
    • How to protect yourself with insurance through Australian Catholic Superannuation
    • Non-super investment in the Industry Fund Portfolio Service
    • Transition to Retirement

    How does it work?

    This service will generally take around 30 minutes of your time over the phone and all personal advice will be confirmed and then sent to you in a written Statement of Advice. We will then contact you to discuss implementation. 


  • Face-to-face personal advice

    Our tailored personal advice service is generally focused on identifying and implementing more complex financial strategies which will meet your personal financial goals.

    • Retirement planning (including pensions, super income streams and Centrelink)
    • Transitioning to retirement 
    • Building your superannuation (including salary sacrifice)
    • Understanding your investment options (including managed funds)
    • Achieving your financial goals (reducing debt, saving for your children’s education)
    • Identifying your personal insurance needs
    • Managing your tax liability
    • Reviewing your financial goals

    How does it work?

    First, you’ll start with an initial no-cost, no-obligation meeting with one of our financial planners.

    At this meeting, you and the planner explore your circumstances and decide what you want from a detailed analysis of your financial situation.

    1. The planner will inform you of the cost of preparing a recommended financial plan.
    2. The cost will be based on a competitive rate and will reflect the amount of work involved in preparing your plan.
    3. If you agree, the planner will prepare your plan in a document called a Statement of Advice.
    4. You’ll then meet with the planner again to discuss the advice and decide if you wish to implement it.

    Once your financial plan is in place, you have the option of meeting with your planner at a later date to review your progress and, if necessary, update your plan.


    Would you like to make an appointment with a financial planner?

    Call us to arrange a meeting with a financial planner to discuss your financial goals, situation and options.

    To help you better understand how our financial advice services have helped members and the costs involved, refer to our real life financial planning examples.

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