• Superannuation FAQs

  • 2017 5
  • Q: What are the best things I can do to set up my super for a better retirement?

    • Can you put any extra money away now? Even a small amount of salary sacrifice can add up to a lot later

    • After-tax contributions which, if you earn a total income of less than $51,021 per annum, may entitle you to a government co-contribution. Conditions apply so check with a financial planner or tax professional to see if this applies to you

    • Checking for lost super or duplicate accounts. Find and consolidate your super now

    • Nominating a beneficiary for your superannuation

    • Reviewing your super investments and structure to see if they’re the best for your particular situation.

    Q: I just got married (or had a child), do I need to change my insurance?

    When your circumstances change, you may want to review your insurance arrangements to ensure that the level and type of insurance cover you have is appropriate. 

    Most members receive automatic insurance cover when they join the Fund.

    Our online insurance calculator could help you get your insurance needs straight. 

    Check it out now.

    Q: `I’m not rich so why should I think about my savings and super?

    If you start saving early, even a small amount is going to add up to a larger return in the long term thanks to compound interest! 

     2017 5. Superannuation FAQs

    While the totals aren’t very different, the amount of money deposited by Tim is significantly higher. Compound interest is a good way to make your  money work for you. 

    Check out our salary sacrifice calculator to see how you can make the most of your money (or to check the other assumptions underpinning the calculations above). 

    How do I view my super balance?

    You can check your super balance easily using our member portal or through our mobile Super app.