• Investment choices

  • Australian Catholic Superannuation offers 12 super investment options, all with sound long-term performance.

    You can choose one or more options to suit your tolerance for risk and your expectations regarding investment returns.

  • Things to consider before investing

    Before you make an investment choice for your super, you need to consider the following:

    What is your tolerance for risk?

    In particular, can you cope with negative returns on your investment, which could continue for more than one year? Your risk tolerance is a useful guide to the level of growth assets (such as shares) you should hold. As a general rule, the higher your tolerance for risk, the higher the level of growth assets you might hold.

    The more growth assets (i.e. shares and property) in your investment option the higher the expected return over time, and the higher the risk of a negative or low return. Even though Property is not a share, it is still a growth asset and has lower but similar risks to shares. 

    Need advice?

    Is your investment sufficiently diversified?

    Having a mix of asset classes can help reduce the risk of negative returns.

    What sort of returns are you seeking on your investment?

    As a general rule, growth assets have the potential for higher long-term returns, but they are higher risk and have more frequent and larger negative returns.

    Is inflation an issue?

    Growth assets are more likely to provide above inflation returns.

    How liquid are your investments?

    If you plan to retire soon, you need a certain level of investment liquidity. Liquid investments are easily accessible for the purposes of buying, selling, or fund withdrawal. Cash is the most liquid asset; property is one of the least liquid. Investment liquidity will support future pension payments and allow the payment of lump sums.

  • Do you need to make an investment choice?

    If you are an employer sponsored member (generally an employee of a Catholic organisation), then it is up to you whether or not you make an investment choice when you join the Fund.

    If you don’t make a choice, you will automatically be invested into our MySuper Balanced option.

    If you are a personal member, you will need to make an investment choice when you join the Fund.

  • How can you change your investment choice?

    You can change your investment mix at any time. Just login to your Members online account and click ‘Your account’ from the options in the left hand menu.

    Alternatively, you can download and complete our Investment choice: Superannuation form (see below).

  • Need help making an investment choice?

    Making an investment choice can be difficult. Download the Your investment options super fact sheet for more information on all of our investment options available to you.

    If you need help, take advantage of our free, over-the-phone advice service and obtain a personal recommendation on which of our investment option/s may be right for you.

    Call us on 1300 658 776 and we’ll book a 30-minute phone appointment at a time that best suits you (within business hours).

    You can also find out how our over-the-phone advice fits in with our wider range of financial advice services.