• Investment returns

  • It's easy to find out how your Australian Catholic Superannuation investments have been performing.

    Simply view the current financial year and historical investment returns below, to see what was achieved by our Superannuation Plan investment options.

    You should be aware that over time the value of your investments may rise or fall. Although past performance can provide useful information, it's not a reliable predictor of future performance. Therefore, you shouldn't make investment decisions based on past performance.

  • Investment option 10 yrs (% pa) 7 yrs (% pa) 5 yrs (% pa) 3 yrs (% pa) 1 yr (% pa) FYTD Oct 17 Oct 17
    MySuper Balanced3.6%6.7%8.1%5.9%10.0%3.8%2.5%
    Socially Responsible Balanced3.9%7.1%8.4%5.5%10.2%2.6%2.8%
    Conservative BalancedN/A5.8%6.3%4.6%6.4%2.6%1.6%
    Australian Shares3.3%7.0%8.9%5.5%15.2%4.3%4.3%
    International Shares3.5%8.8%12.9%10.3%19.5%6.7%3.8%
    Cash and Term Deposits3.5%3.1%2.4%1.9%1.7%0.5%0.1%
    Credit IncomeN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A0.8%0.3%
  • Important information:

    • These returns are net of tax and investment fees and were the effective return on opening account balances invested in the portfolio option for the full period. Returns are calculated on a time weighted basis by using hard close unit prices (unit prices that incorporate updated valuations of Fund investments).
    • Financial year-to-date (FYTD) returns represent the actual return achieved based on the number of days into the financial year. It is not an annualised figure i.e. it does not represent 12 months of return.
    • The Fund’s Superannuation Plan and the Transition to Retirement Pension from 1 July 2017 has different tax treatment to the Allocated Pension Plan, so each Plan will experience different investment returns for the same portfolio options.
    • The name of some of the Fund's investment options have changed: 'Balanced' became 'MySuper Balanced', effective 1 July 2013, however, the pension investment option remains as 'Balanced'; 'Diversified Shares' became 'Shares', 'Diversified Property' became 'Property', 'Diversified Fixed Interest' became 'Bonds' and 'Cash' became 'Cash and Term Deposits', effective 1 October 2015.
    • On 1 July 2017, the taxation of the investment earnings on a transition to retirement pension changed from being tax exempt to taxable. The transition to retirement pension investment returns are shown in a separate table from 1 July 2017.
    • Please note that these returns are only applicable for members who have not made any transactions (withdrawals, deposits or change of investment options) in the reporting period specified.
    • Your investment return will be specific to the investment option you have chosen and influenced by the timing of your account balance movements in the investment option.

    Should there be any discrepancy between the website unit price figures and what is on Australian Catholic Superannuation’s administration system, then the Fund’s administration system figures will prevail.

  • Key investment option holdings

    Top 10 Australian shares

    As at 30 June 2017, our top 10 shareholding for Australian shares was:

    Australian company % of total Australian shares holdings
    Westpac Banking Corporation 6.2
    Commonwealth Bank of Australia 5.8
    ANZ Banking Group 5.4
    National Australia Bank Limited 5.2
    BHP Billiton Limited 3.6
    Telstra Corporation Limited 3.3
    CSL Limited 2.8
    Rio Tinto Limited 2.4
    QBE Insurance Group Limited 2.3
    Woodside Petroleum Limited 2.3

    Top 10 international shares 

    As at 30 June 2017, our top 10 shareholding for international shares was:

    International company % of total international shares holdings
    Apple Inc 1.5
    Alphabet Inc-CI C 1.1
    Microsoft Corporation 1.0
    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer 0.8
    Amazon.com Inc 0.8
    Johnson & Johnson 0.7
    Facebook Inc-A 0.7
    Exxon Mobil Corporation 0.6
    JP Morgan Chase & Co 0.6
    Nestle Sa-Reg 0.6
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