• Why combine your super?

  • Benefits of consolidating your super

    The primary financial benefit of combining all your superannuation accounts is to save administration and insurance fees by only paying for one superannuation account.

    However there are more reasons than just the financial benefits to consolidate your funds into one superannuation account;

    • Less paperwork and accounts to keep track of

    • Easier to manage when it comes to what type of investments you choose

    • Have one consistent strategy and account to invest with, instead of having numerous random ones.

    If you have more than one superannuation account, it means you're paying fees on each one. You may be also be paying insurance fees that you don't need, all of which is eating away at your balance.

    You can transfer (rollover) any inactive or lost super accounts to your Australian Catholic Superannuation account simply and securely using our free online tool.


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  • Important things to consider before consolidating your super

    Before you ask us to transfer your other super accounts into your existing account with the Fund, you should ask:

    • Are there any exit or additional fees that you may have to pay?

    • Do any of the accounts offer benefits that you want to keep, such as insurance cover which you can apply to bring with you? Note: Our online 'Find my super' tool will allow you to view any Insurance policies that are associated with your super account as part of the search results displayed. 

    • Where will your employer's future Superannuation Guarantee contributions be paid? If you're not already a member of our Fund and you want to ensure your current employer makes future contributions into your Australian Catholic Superannuation account, you'll also need to complete a choice of fund form (PDF) and send it to your pay office.

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  • Use our online tool below to combine your super accounts

    Are you a member of Australian Catholic Superannuation?

    Combine (or rollover) any or all of your super accounts using our online tool. The tool finds and generates a list of all your super accounts (including any 'lost or unclaimed' super you may have). Simply click the tickbox alongside your accounts and the rollover/consolidation process will commence.

    It's FREE, simple and secure.

     Find my Super

    Once your details are validated and you have agreed to the terms and conditions you will be given a list of your accounts and and associated insurance policies and defined benefits. You may choose which (if any) to consolidate. 

    Click here for further information and terms and conditions. 

  • Not a member at Australian Catholic Superannuation?

    Australian Catholic Superannuation is open to everyone, regardless of religion or place of employment. 

    You can join right now! If you are interested in more information on combining your superannuation, contact us now for advice or call us at 1300 658 776.

  • Prefer to send in a form?

    If you like the idea of finding and consolidating your super, but prefer to use a paper form, please download the Super search authority or Consolidate your super forms below.

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