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  • Our free search can find your super and retrieve any of your unclaimed super back from the ATO.

    Australian Catholic Superannuation, through the Australian Taxation Office's SuperMatch 2 service, can provide you with a free, safe, secure and fast means of finding your lost and unclaimed super.

    There are just six simple steps, which can be completed within a few minutes.

    Once we find your super you have the option to consolidate your super into your current Australian Catholic Superannuation account.

    How could you have lost track of your money with other super funds?

    If you have done any of the following you may have unclaimed super that has been transferred to the ATO ;

    • Changed jobs
    • Changed your name
    • Changed your address

    If you don't take action to find your super:

    • You could be paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees and insurance 
    • The smaller balance account/s could be transferred to the ATO without your consent.

    What is lost super?

    Your super fund will report you as a lost member to the ATO if it:

    • Hasn't been able to contact you and has not received any contributions or rollover amounts for you in the past 12 months
    • Hasn't received any contributions or rollover amounts for you in the last five years, or
    • Received your super money after being transferred as a lost member account from another fund and no new address has been found.


    What is unclaimed super?

    A super fund has to pay unclaimed superannuation money to the ATO where an account is held by a lost member and:

    • As from 31 December 2016, the balance is less than $6,000, or
    • The fund hasn't received an amount in respect of the member within the past 12 months and the fund, given the information reasonably available, is satisfied that it will never be possible to pay an amount to the member.

    Super funds must also pay member accounts to the ATO as unclaimed superannuation money in the following circumstances where:

    • A member is aged 65 or older and the super fund hasn't received an amount on behalf of the member for more than two years, and the super fund has not been able to contact the member after the end of a period of five years, after making reasonable efforts to do so.
    • A member dies, and there is a benefit immediately payable for the member, and the super fund has not received an amount on behalf of the member for more than two years, and the super fund is unable to locate the person entitled to the deceased member’s benefit.
    • A non-member spouse is entitled to be paid an amount from the super account as a result of a payment split, and the fund is unable to locate the spouse entitled to receive the benefit after making reasonable efforts and after a reasonable period has passed.
    • A former temporary resident is the owner of the super account.


  • What happens next? Consolidate your super

    After you've entered your details in the Find My Super search tool above, we may find other active super accounts in your name. Whatever super accounts we discover, we’ll report back to you.

    We can also help you consolidate your super i.e. combine all your super accounts (including the opportunity to transfer any existing insurance cover) into your current Australian Catholic Superannuation account. By doing this, you could save on multiple fees and can keep track of your super in one place!

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    If you have any doubts or questions about consolidating your super you could benefit from meeting with a financial planner at Australian Catholic Superannuation.

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