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    If you are a member of Australian Catholic Superannuation we can find and combine all or any of your super accounts, including any lost or unclaimed, in just a few minutes

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    Before you start, have your 7 digit Australian Catholic Superannuation account number and mobile phone ready and then click below:

  • Important Note:By proceeding with this service, you will be consenting to Australian Catholic Superannuation and Retirement Fund (Australian Catholic Superannuation) using your Tax File Number (TFN) to search the Australian Tax Office (ATO) for lost and other super accounts held in your name. Once we've verified your details, any lost or unclaimed super money held by the ATO will be automatically transferred to your Australian Catholic Superannuation account. Any other super (i.e. not regarded as 'lost or unclaimed') you hold will not be consolidated without your consent.

    Click here for terms and conditions  

    Your choice to consolidate your super

    If you choose to consolidate all of your super into one fund you may;

    • save thousands of dollars in unnecessary account fees and insurance premiums

    • prevent your small balance account/s being transferred to the ATO without your consent.

    Make sure you review your accounts before you consolidate them

    Before consolidating your superannuation with Australian Catholic Superannuation there are some important things to consider:

    1. You may wish to check if the other fund charges an exit fee 

    2. You may wish to ensure you are not losing any benefits such as your insurance cover or that your insurance benefits with us are comparable (our search will identify any insurance policies linked to other super accounts)

    3. By consolidating your superannuation, it does not change the Fund your employer makes contributions to so speak to your employer if you wish to change this arrangement

    4. Think about getting financial advice to help you compare the benefits and costs of funds, and what impact rolling over will have on your super balance. 

    Note: Australian Catholic Superannuation uses a third party to complete this process, so by clicking on the search button you are authorising the third party to conduct the search of the ATO lost super database on your behalf using the TFN we have on file for you.  

    More information

    For explanations on what lost super is, how it is lost and what happens if your account has been transferred to the ATO lost super see: Find lost super

    For more information on the benefits of consolidating your super accounts see: Why combine your super?

    For further details on how we search for and combine your super, and important considerations see: Find my super - terms and conditions

    Don't have a mobile phone? We use a generated PIN number SMS to your mobile phone as part of our security verification process. If you do not have a mobile phone, please contact our Call centre on 1300 658 776 or Contact us for alternative methods to find your super.