• Contribution splitting

  • It is possible to split your superannuation contributions with your spouse.

    This could be beneficial if your spouse’s account balance is much lower than yours, or if you have a significant age difference to your spouse. To receive a payment split, your spouse must be:

    • Below preservation age (from age 57) or
    • Between preservation age and 65 years of age, but not yet retired.

    In any financial year, you can split the lesser of:

    • 85% of your concessional contributions (employer and salary sacrifice contributions)
    • The concessional contributions cap of $25,000.

    For more information on concessional contributions caps or limits, see our tax and superannuation section.

  • How to split your superannuation contributions

    You must apply to make a ‘contribution split’ in the financial year immediately after the one in which your contributions were actually made.

    For example, if contributions were made in the 2016/17 financial year, submit your Contribution splitting application (PDF) at some time within the 2017/18 financial year.

    However, if you plan to withdraw your whole benefit during the financial year in which the contributions were made, you can make your application to split them during that same financial year.

  • Contribution splitting with Australian Catholic Superannuation

    Your spouse does not need to have an Australian Catholic Superannuation account to receive a payment split—we can make the payment to your spouse’s existing fund.

    If you would like to set up a new Australian Catholic Superannuation account for your spouse, the minimum amount that can be split is $1,500. There is no minimum if your spouse is already a member of the Fund.

    If you want to split your contributions with your spouse, download our Contribution splitting application form (see below).