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  • Volunteering in retirement

    When planning for retirement, it’s important to focus not only your finances but on how you will spend your time.

    Routines and habits change dramatically at retirement. For some this is a great relief and a welcome opportunity to relax. For others it can be a time of boredom or loneliness. Staying socially and mentally active is essential to a happy and mentally healthy retirement and it’s important to have plans for activities and interests to enhance your lifestyle when you retire.

    Many people find volunteering a satisfying way to spend new found free time and put their skills to use outside the workplace.  In fact, a survey of Australian Catholic Superannuation members revealed 60% of respondents were looking forward to doing volunteer or charity work in retirement*.

    According to Volunteering Australia's National Survey of Volunteering Issues 2011, people say the main reason they volunteer is "the difference I make to the community" and "the sense of purpose it gives me". In addition to being a great opportunity to give back, a volunteer position can provide you with new skills and experiences, and even new friends.

  • Organisations for volunteering

    There are numerous Catholic organisations and groups working across Australia that would benefit greatly from your time as a volunteer.  If you’re interested in volunteering during your retirement, but are unsure where to begin, here are some suggestions to help you get underway:

    Diocesan and parish offices

    If you’re thinking of signing up for a volunteer position, your diocesan office or local parish is an excellent place to start.

    Most diocesan websites will list the Catholic organisations operating in the diocese and from there you will be able to investigate further what volunteer opportunities are available. You can find details of Catholic diocesan offices across Australia here.

    Parishes are also often keen to accept volunteers to help on local projects or fundraising initiatives. Your local parish may advertise volunteer vacancies on their website or in the parish bulletin.  A chat with your parish priest can also be helpful.

    Catholic Social Services Australia (CSSA)

    Catholic Social Services Australia (CSSA) is the Catholic Church's peak national body for social services in Australia. With over 60 member organisations providing social services to over a million Australians a year, CSSA have a large range of volunteer programs and activities available.

    Some of the agencies that CSSA encompasses include CatholicCare, Centacare, Marist Youth Care, Sacred Heart Mission, Marymead and St Joseph's Care to name just a few. You can read more about CSSA, their member organisations and volunteering on the CSSA website.

    St Vincent de Paul

    Affectionately known to most as Vinnies, the St Vincent de Paul Society has more than 40,000 members and volunteers who work to assist people in need across Australia.

    Volunteer opportunities at St Vincent De Paul include helping at Vinnies outlets, office support, youth programs and special works such as homeless services, assistance to migrants and refugees, mental health programs, food vans and more.

    The wide variety of positions available at Vinnies means it’s easy to find something to suit your skillset, interests and availability.  Volunteer vacancies are advertised on the Vinnies state office websites.

    Australian Catholic Superannuation was established as an industry superannuation fund to provide retirement benefits to those who teach or work in Catholic schools. Since that time we have expanded to serve members of the wider Catholic community, including those working in aged care, health and welfare, as well as other sectors.

    Learn more about our community focus.

    *Retirement Income Report October 2015, Investment Trends, members who are not already retired.