• Pension investment choices

  • Australian Catholic Superannuation offers a range of account based pension investment options with competitive long-term performance.

    You can choose one or more of these pension investment options to suit your tolerance for risk and your expectations regarding investment returns.

  • Things to consider before making an investment choice

    • Before you make an investment choice, you need to consider the following:

      • What is your tolerance for risk?

      Can your finances cope with negative returns, which could continue for more than one year?

      As a general rule, the higher your tolerance for risk, the higher the level of growth assets you might hold.

      • Is your investment sufficiently diversified?

      Varying your asset classes can help reduce the risk of negative returns.

      • What sort of returns are you seeking?

      Generally speaking, growth assets have the potential for higher long-term returns, but they are considered to be higher risk and have more frequent and larger negative returns.

      • Is inflation an issue?

      Growth assets are more likely to provide above inflation returns.

      • How liquid are your investments?

      Liquid investments are those which are easily accessible for the purposes of buying, selling, or fund withdrawal. As a pensioner, you need a certain level of investment liquidity, as assets must be sold to make your pension payments.

  • Do you need to make an investment choice?

    • You will need to make an investment choice when you start a RetireChoice account based pension. Just complete the relevant section of the RetireChoice account based pension member application form form (PDF).

      If you are starting a RetireSmart account based pension, you won't need to make an investment choice as this type of pension already has a pre-determined investment strategy designed to generate both income and capital growth during your retirement.

  • How can you change your investment choice?

    • If you have a RetireChoice account based pension, you can change your investment mix at any time. Simply login to Members online and click ‘Your account’ in the left hand menu. Alternatively, you can download and complete our RetireChoice Investment switch form.

      Members who have a RetireSmart pension are not able to alter their investment choice as this type of account comes with a pre-set investment strategy made up of Growth and Cash assets. The investments within your account will automatically rebalance over the duration of your pension.

  • Choose where your pension payments come from

    • If you are a RetireChoice pension account holder and have more than one investment option, you can choose the source of your pension payments (e.g. some members like to have payment made from the Cash and Term Deposits option). If you do not specify an option, payments will be made in the same proportion as your investment choice for your account balance. Changes can be made to the source of your pension payments by logging in to your Members online account.

      For members who have a RetireSmart account based pension, your payments will be made from your Cash bucket.

  • Need help making an investment choice?

    Making an investment choice can be difficult. Download the Your investment options pension fact sheet for more information on all of our investment options available to you.

    If you need help, take advantage of our free, over-the-phone advice service and obtain a personal recommendation on which of our investment option/s may be right for you.

    Call us on 1300 658 776 and we’ll book a 30-minute phone appointment at a time that best suits you (within business hours).

    You can also find out how our over-the-phone advice fits in with our wider range of financial advice services.

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