• Pension investments

  • Account based pension investments can be an excellent way to create income for your retirement.

    At Australian Catholic Superannuation, you are able to invest your account based pension across a range of investments in our portfolio. Our aim is to provide a sound return on your capital over the longer term.

    The investment returns you receive as a member of our Fund will depend on how your pension is invested (e.g. how much of it is invested in growth assets such shares and how much in defensive assets such as cash while remaining in the superannuation system).

    Our members with account based pensions have different attitudes towards investment – some want higher returns, others want to minimise the chance of a negative return. So we provide everyone with the opportunity to decide how their super is invested.

  • Pension investment choices

    • Australian Catholic Superannuation offers members a range of pension investment options.

      • Pre-mixed options that invest in a number of different asset classes such as shares, property – like our Balanced option.
      • Single asset class options – like our Cash and Term Deposits option.

      One or more of the Pension investment choices we have available may be suitable for you.

  • Pension investment returns

    • The number of years your account based pension lasts will depend on the earnings on your investment over time as well as the levels of your drawdowns.

      You can view details of the current or past pension investment returns and transition to retirement returns each of our investment options at any time.

  • Pension unit prices

    • At Australian Catholic Superannuation, our investments are expressed in units.

      The pension unit prices of our different investment options are updated each week. These unit prices reflect how each option has performed.

      From 1 July 2017, if you are invested in the transition to retirement pension please refer to the transition to retirement pension unit prices.

      Learn how we calculate unit prices and the difference between a fund return and a member return here.