• Pension account fees and costs

  • At Australian Catholic Superannuation, we charge you only what it costs to manage your fund. We do not pay dividends to shareholders or commissions to advisers.

    When you join us, the following fees and costs will apply to your account based pension, including transition to retirement pensions:

    • A weekly administration fee of $1.50, deducted from your account at the end of each month
    • Operating costs of approximately 0.25% of your account balance per year, deducted from Fund assets before weekly unit prices are determined
    • Investment fees ranging from 0.09% to 1.06% of your account balance per year (see the table below for details), deducted from earnings
    • An exit fee of $55 if you withdraw all or part of your account balance
    • A Family Law withdrawal fee of $70, if applicable.

    We do not charge you a fee for switching investment options.

    Investment fees

    Investment fees cover payments made for investment management, asset consulting and master custodian services. They include an estimated amount for performance based fees that will only be paid if investment managers meet or exceed their targets. It's possible that actual fees paid could be lower than the estimated costs in the event that performance targets are not met.

    Investment fees are not deducted from your account. They're deducted from Fund assets before weekly unit prices are determined.

    The table below shows the investment fee for each of our pension investment options.

    Investment option Investment management fee
    (% pa)
    Indirect cost ratio (%pa)
    Shares1 0.28 0.21
    Growth 0.50 0.36
    Balanced  0.51 0.39
    Socially Responsible Balanced 0.57 0.48
    Conservative Balanced 0.43 0.35
    Conservative 0.36 0.29
    Australian Shares 0.26 0.21
    International Shares 0.28 0.21
    Property2 1.03 1.13
    Bonds3 0.28 0.27
    Credit Income4 0.27 0.34
    Cash and Term Deposits5 0.09 0.00
    RetireGrowth 0.50 0.36
    RetireCash 0.09 0.00

    Note that the names of some of our investment options have changed:
    1. 'Diversified Shares' became 'Shares' effective 1 October 2015.
    2. 'Diversified Property' became 'Property' effective 1 October 2015.
    3. 'Diversified Fixed Interest' became 'Bonds' effective 1 October 2015.
    4. The 'Credit Income Option' became available on 1 July 2017.
    5. 'Cash' became 'Cash and Term Deposits' effective 1 October 2015.

    For more information and examples about the fees and other costs associated with our account based pensions, download and read the Retirement Product Disclosure Statement (PDF).

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