• Our retirement income offer

  • Enjoy your retirement while your money is professionally managed and paying you a regular income.

    A pension income stream is a great way to handle your finances in your retirement. Australian Catholic Superannuation account based pensions offer you:

    • Potential tax savings
    • Low fees and costs
    • Flexibility
    • Access to a range of valuable added benefits.
  • Benefits of our account based pensions in retirement

    Australian Catholic Superannuation offers account based pensions for people who are fully retired (or have reached 65 years of age).

    We also offer transition to retirement pensions for people aged 57 or over. These may suit those wishing to obtain access to up to 10% of their pension account balance each year without having to retire from the workforce.

    A pension account with us will provide you with the following key benefits:

    • Potential tax savings – the tax rate on investment earnings in an account based pension account is 0%, which could be a significant saving. From 1 July 2017, the investment earnings in a transition to retirement pension are taxed at up to 15%.
    • Fees and costs limited to what it costs to manage the Fund
    • All profits returned to members or used for the benefit of members
    • A range of investment choices
    • Password-protected online account access
    • Access to two appointment-based personalised advice services:
      • over-the-phone advice on specific super or pension-related topics
      • face-to-face extended advice on a wide range of topics
    • Regular seminars and workplace presentations on super and retirement issues
    • Regular communications, such as newsletters, email and website updates
    • A platinum-rated industry super fund – highest available rating awarded by SuperRatings.

    You'll also have access to a number of extra member benefits, including banking services through ME Bank and discounted private health insurance through GMHBA.

  • Supplementing your income in retirement

    Many people will find that their income in retirement will comprise both a pension from their super savings as well as income from the part Age Pension. According to 2014/15 statistics, 75% of all retirees currently receive some level of Centrelink Age Pension income*. 

    Centrelink takes into account your age and residence when determining your eligibility for the Age Pension. In addition to these requirements, two means tests are also applied.

      *Department of Human Services

  • Who can join our Fund as a pension member?

    Eligibility is determined by the Government’s “Conditions of Release”. Currently, anyone who is 57 years of age or older (or who is permanently incapacitated) and has a superannuation account can take out an Australian Catholic Superannuation account based pension. In some cases you may be restricted to a transition to retirement pension. The minimum age is scheduled to be gradually increased over a number of years to 60 years of age.

    Download our Retirement Product Disclosure Statement (PDF), so that you understand all of the benefits of an Australian Catholic Superannuation account based pension and how your pension will work before you join as a member.

    Learn more about the different account based pension products we offer to help you determine which one may best suit you for your retirement, or transition to retirement.

    Are there limits to the amount you can invest in an account based pension?

    From 1 July 2017, a cap of $1.6 million (2017/2018 financial year) applies to how much superannuation you can transfer into retirement income accounts over your lifetime. (Transition to retirement pension accounts are not included in the lifetime cap.)

    The lifetime cap is referred to as the transfer balance cap.

  • Is a pension right for you? Get advice

    Transferring your super into a standard account based pension or transition to retirement pension is something you should carefully consider in terms of your overall financial strategy for retirement.

    We recommend you obtain financial advice before entering into an Australian Catholic Superannuation account based pension to ensure it is the right product for you. Some factors you should think about include your:

    • Current and ongoing financial commitments
    • Tax situation
    • Eligibility for any government social security (Centrelink Age Pension) payments
    • Life expectancy beyond retirement.

    If you would like to make an appointment to speak to a financial planner at Australian Catholic Superannuation, call us 1300 658 776, or you can also book an appointment here.

    Learn more about our financial advice services.

    The Australian Catholic Superannuation financial planning service is offered through an arrangement with Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS) (Australian Financial Services Licence 232514).