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    Are you already retired from the workforce, or perhaps looking to gradually reduce your working hours and ease your way into full retirement? 

    Either way, Fund membership can provide you with a tax-effective retirement income stream to help financially support your changing lifestyle needs.

    Consider transferring some or all of your super savings into a pension account with Australian Catholic Superannuation. We offer you a choice of two account based pensions (also known as allocated pensions):

    1. RetireChoice pension—if you want to make your own investment-related decisions
    2. RetireSmart pension—if you prefer an investment strategy that has been pre-mixed for you.

    Both of these products can be used by members already in retirement (or who have reached age 65), and those aged 55 or over who are still working and want to supplement their income while transitioning to retirement.

    More details about these two pension products are contained in our Retirement Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), which you should read before making a decision. The PDS explains how account based pensions work and outlines your investment and pension payment options.

    Joining an Australian Catholic Superannuation retirement pension plan is easy

    If you're looking to become a member, simply download and complete the relevant member application form for the product you're interested in:

    Be sure to have the following details handy when filling out the application form:

    • Your personal and contact details, including your tax file number
    • The amount you wish to invest with us
    • Account details if you are transferring savings from another super fund
    • Your chosen investment option/s—these are outlined in the Your investment options pension fact sheet (PDF)
    • The amount and frequency of pension payments you require
    • Your nominated beneficiaries.
    • Certified proof of identification.

    You'll also need to provide us with a completed Australian Taxation Office Tax file number declaration (a copy of this document is included with the Fund membership application form).

    Need more information?

    Please call us on 1300 658 776 if you need any assistance or require more information about the retirement options available to you by becoming a member of Australian Catholic Superannuation.