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  • Promoting Catholic education

    Australian Catholic Superannuation has maintained close ties with the Catholic community, and in particular the Catholic education community, since the Fund's inception over 30 years ago. In fact, the Fund was initially established as an industry superannuation fund to provide retirement benefits to those who teach or work in Catholic schools and Church Agencies, although we are now open to Australians from all walks of life.

    Catholic education is focused on ensuring the literacy of future generations of Australians and that every student has the best possible start in life. This parallels our own focus and approach in providing first-rate information services to empower members in making sound financial decisions as they save and plan for eventual retirement. Find out more about our partnerships within the Catholic education community, the ways in which we're helping to promote the benefits of Catholic education, as well as the many achievements of Catholic schools, students and staff around the country.

    Catholic affiliation

    Terms of partnership with Australian Catholic Superannuation

    Leadership in Catholic education

    A proud partner in the development of professional and responsible Leadership in Catholic education in WA, Australian Catholic Superannuation has also been involved with the Catholic Secondary Principals' Association of Western Australia and the Queensland Catholic Primary Principals' Association.

    Catholic School Parents Australia logo

    Australian Catholic Superannuation has been in partnership with Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) since Oct 2014, and will continue to support CSPA to fulfil their advocacy and leadership role in engaging parents, families and communities in education.

    Queensland Catholic Education Week

    Get involved in Queensland Catholic Education Week, which takes place every July and celebrates the importance of Catholic education. 

    Spirit of Catholic Education Awards

    The annual Spirit of Catholic Education Awards celebrate the exceptional achievements and contribution to Catholic education of staff and volunteers throughout the Diocese of Armidale. The Awards recognise outstanding contributions in the categories of: Early Career Teacher, Experienced Teacher, School Officer, Innovative Program, Leadership, and Volunteer Supporter. 

    CSW 2017

    Get involved in Celebrating Catholic Schools Week 2017, which takes place every March and celebrates the importance of Catholic primary and secondary education in NSW and the ACT.

    Proclaim Conference 2016

    The PROCLAIM Conference 2016 is a national event on parish evangelisation. Hosted by the Diocese of Broken Bay, it will run from 1-3 September at Chatswood. The theme, ‘On a Mission of Mercy: Evangelising Parishes’, embraces the challenge of Pope Francis for the joyful and pastoral conversion of our parishes, so that our practices, resources, language and structures can be suitably channelled for the evangelisation of today’s world (Evangelii Gaudium 27). Keynote speakers include Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, Bishop Nicholas Hudson of Westminster and Dr Susan Timoney from Washington.

    Honours and postgrad scholarships at ACU

    Australian Catholic Superannuation has offered annual Honours and postgraduate scholarships to students at Australian Catholic University since 2010. By offering these scholarships, the Fund is assisting to deliver its mission and ease the financial burden of being a university student and to help high-achieving students further develop their professional aspirations.

    Catholic education iCE app

    The Catholic Education Office of Western Australia has released the Catholic education iCE app, designed for iPhones and iPads. Key features of the app will allow you to find schools, jobs, news and more in WA.  

    Creativity in Catholic arts

    Australian Catholic Superannuation's association with the Catholic education community includes supporting Creativity in Catholic arts. We assist students in Western Australia to experience the spirit and tradition of the performing arts through annual Catholic art events.  

    Elyse Lenehan

    Australian Catholic Superannuation awarded Elyse Lenehan, a dance student from Canberra, with a YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association) Enrichment Grant at the Round the World Breakfast event. Elyse is a young dancer of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who is currently studying dance at NAISDA - National Aboriginal and Islander Dance Academy in Gosford.

  • Partnering with Church Resources

    Church Resources logoAustralian Catholic Superannuation is proud to partner with Church Resources through their daily news service CathNews. CathNews is Australia’s leading faith-based, electronic newsletter and website. Partnering with CathNews will provide Australian Catholic Superannuation with the reach and opportunity to assist more Australian’s with their financial needs.

  • Supporting mental health initiatives

     SuperFriend logo

    Mental health is the fastest growing medical illness in the world today. It’s estimated that one in five Australians will experience a mental illness in any given year. This is why we are pleased to support, receive training and participate in various initiatives of SuperFriend, the Industry Funds Forum Mental Health Foundation. SuperFriend works closely with industry superannuation funds like us to provide individuals, employers and workplaces with information about improving and maintaining your mental health. You can find out more about mental health services available to you by visiting the SuperFriend website.

    R U OK?Day bubble

    R U OK? Day is a national day of action which aims to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to connect with work colleagues, friends and loved ones and ask “R U OK?” By simply connecting with people in your life – not just those at obvious risk – you can help stop little problems turning into big ones. Our staff hold an afternoon tea each year to chat and raise much needed funds.

  • Spreading the good word

    Community - CRADIO studio and logo

    Australian Catholic Superannuation has entered into an exciting partnership with the non-profit Catholic Digital Radio station, CRADIO. CRADIO’s free service includes a variety of Catholic programs, talks and music available via the 24-hour audio stream, or on-demand on its website and iTunes. Our alliance with CRADIO will enable us, through a series of regular broadcast slots, to reach out to and connect with our members and the wider community to spread the word about the importance of superannuation and saving so that all Australians have the chance to live the life they desire in retirement. Our aim is to empower people to take control of their financial futures. For more information, visit the CRADIO website.

  • Advocating healthy lifestyles

    The Gut Foundation Research Institute logoAustralian Catholic Superannuation is proud to be working with the Gut Foundation to spread the message about bowel cancer awareness and digestive health to our membership and the wider community. Our association with The Gut Foundation is part of our continued interest in the broader health and well-being of our members.

    Fifty per cent of Australian’s will struggle with their digestive health at some stage in their life. Through research and increased awareness, The Gut Foundation hopes to help Australians understand their digestive symptoms, improve health through better nutrition and help prevent a bowel cancer diagnosis.

    You can read more about ongoing research and initiatives regarding digestive health and even learn how you can lend your support by visiting the Gut Foundation website.

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