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  • Our range of calculators is designed to help you understand your superannuation and to enable you to better plan for your retirement and achieve your financial goals.

    You should seek professional advice when making a decision to change your superannuation contributions, investments, insurance cover or other financial arrangements.

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    The following calculators, with the exception of the 'Super co-contribution calculator' and 'Budget planner’, have been prepared by SCS Super Pty Limited (ABN 74 064 712 607, AFSL 230544, RSE L0002264), the Trustee of the Australian Catholic Superannuation & Retirement Fund. Any advice contained in these calculators is of a general nature only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Prior to acting on any information in any of these calculators, you need to take into account your own financial circumstances, consider the Product Disclosure Statement for any product you are considering and seek independent financial advice if you are unsure what action to take. Note that the ‘Budget planner’ is provided courtesy of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and you will link through to its MoneySmart website to use that calculator.

  • Calculator icon - salary sacrifice  

    Salary sacrifice calculator
    Putting a small amount of money away from your pre-tax salary can have a big impact on your financial future.

    This calculator can help you understand:

    • The difference between making before-tax and after-tax contributions to your super
    • How salary sacrifice could influence your tax liabilities
    • How salary sacrifice will affect your financial positions in the short and long terms.
    Calculator icon - superannuation  

    Super projection calculator
    Know someone who could use a review of their superannuation position?

    This calculator can help you know:

    • How much you might be able to save for your retirement
    • What income you're likely to have after you retire and how long you can expect it to last
    • How your super contributions, investment options, career breaks, fees, Centrelink Age Pension and retirement age may affect your projected retirement income
    • What actions you can take to help boost your savings for retirement and achieve your desired future lifestyle.
    Calculator icon - insurance  

    Insurance calculator
    Insurance can be confusing, however understanding your coverage can help you better plan for your family’s future and could save you money.

    This calculator can help you understand:

    • How much insurance cover your family may need in the case of disability or death
    • The gap between your needs and your existing coverage
    • How to optimise your insurance setup for your family’s unique situation.
    Calculator icon - risk profile  

    Risk profile calculator
    Every investor is different. Some people want to see a high rate of growth and don’t mind taking on the risk of a loss. Others would prefer a small return with very little risk of loss. The investments you select are guided by your risk profile.

    Use this calculator to understand:

    • What type of investor you are
    • What kinds of investments could be best for your preferences
    • How long you should expect to be invested.

    Remember, these outcomes are meant to be a guide only and may not accurately reflect your particular circumstances. There are no right or wrong answers.

    Calculator icon - budget planner  

    Budget planner
    Knowing where you’re spending money can help you better plan for retirement and make your money last longer once you’ve retired.

    Use this planner to:

    • Know where your money is going
    • Understand if you are spending more than you can afford
    • Get a sense of your priorities and ensure that you’re spending appropriately.

    You can also track your personal expenses on the go with MoneySmart's free and easy-to-use TrackMySpend app.

    Calculator source: Australian Securities and Investments Commission, MoneySmart website.

    Calculator icon - benefit projection  

    [Member Only] Benefit projection calculator
    Your superannuation funds are part of a larger retirement strategy. Understanding your positions can help you make informed decisions and ask the right questions about your future needs. This calculator is exclusive to our members and can automatically pull in many details from your superannuation account to give an accurate report.

    This calculator can help you see:

    • How much you might be able to save for your retirement
    • How much will you have when you retire – and how long it will last
    • What you can do, such as consider contributions and investment options, to boost your retirement savings to achieve your desired future lifestyle
    • How different factors like fees, Centrelink Age Pension and retirement age may influence your projected retirement income.