• How much does advice cost?

  • The cost of receiving financial advice depends on your personal situation and the complexity of advice you require. We do everything to keep costs as low as possible for our members.

    There’s no charge for any general advice that you receive from the Fund's Customer Service Team. We offer two appointment-based financial advice services that can help set you on the right path for your superannuation, pensions or life insurance and income protection insurance. Both of these services take into account your specific personal circumstances. Whether you prefer over-the-phone or face-to-face personal advice, we'll provide you with a clear outline of any costs involved so you can decide if a financial plan is right for you. There is no obligation for you to act on any recommendations made.

    Over-the-phone personal advice

    This service might be suitable if you:

    • Are between the ages of 25–70
    • Have a super balance of $5000 or more
    • Want advice on just one topic
    • Can speak for 20–30 minutes on the phone

    There is no charge for any advice that you receive via our over-the-phone advice service, with the exception of the IFSInvest and Transition to Retirement; and there’s no obligation for you to act on any recommendations made.

    Face-to-face personal advice

    This service might be suitable if you:

    • Are over the age of 45
    • Have a super balance of $50,000 or more
    • Want a more in-depth level of advice
    • Prefer a face-to-face meeting with a financial planner

    The cost of face-to-face personal advice, as well as any financial planning reviews and follow-up work, is charged on a fee-for-service basis. What you pay will depend on your individual circumstances, the complexity of advice you need, and the amount of work involved in preparing your plan. As a guide, our fees can range from $300 to $3500 or more. All advice is followed by a written Statement of Advice.

    Where there's a cost for advice you receive from us, you can pay by:

    • Cheque
    • Credit card or
    • In some cases, you may be able to have the cost of superannuation-related advice deducted from your Australian Catholic Superannuation super or account-based pension account. Your planner will be able to explain whether this option is available to you.

    Advice Service Cost of advice*
    Initial consultation about a financial plan Free
    Over-the-phone personal advice  
    Advice on a single topic:
     Salary sacrifice 
     Investment choices 
     Insurance options  
    Transition to Retirement (TTR) $295**
    IFSInvest $220
    Face-to-face personal advice  
    1st appointment No obligation
    Simple plan $300 – $1200
    Comprehensive plan $1200 – $3500+
    1 hour review meeting $380

    *The advice costs listed above are a guide only. On occasions, the fee payable for services provided by your financial planner may be more than those listed above. We will advise you in advance whether this is the case so you can decide whether you wish to proceed with the higher level of service proposed.**Certain criteria must be met to use this service.

    Would you like to make an appointment with a financial planner?

    Call us to arrange a meeting with a financial planner to discuss your financial situation, goals and options.

    To help you better understand how our financial advice services have helped members and the costs involved, refer to our real life financial planning examples.

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