• How we manage your investments

  • Australian Catholic Superannuation is disciplined in its approach to the investment of your super and pension monies. The decisions we make aim to increase your balance, manage risk, keep costs to a minimum and make us a highly competitive fund.

    Our Trustee Board sets the Fund’s investment strategies, developed with the assistance of professional external investment consultants.

    We also have an Investment Committee which monitors a range of issues relating to the economy, investment markets, the Fund and our appointed investment managers. The Committee then makes recommendations to the Board on relevant investment matters.

  • Overview of general investment option strategies

      • Assets will be directed into externally managed investment products.
      • With the possible exception of the Cash and Term Deposits and the Socially Responsible Balanced options, each option will have a diversified selection of external managers.
      • No manager will be responsible for more than 15% of the Fund’s assets, except after the specific consideration of the Board following advice from our investment consultant.
      • Investments will be managed with a view to ensuring that the portfolio will have sufficient liquidity to meet expected cash flow requirements.
      • Investment managers are permitted to use futures, options and other derivative instruments to assist with the effective management of the portfolio of assets. However, these instruments may not be used to gear the portfolio.
      • Holdings of more than 5% in any one security will be notified to members in annual reports.
  • Our proxy voting policy

    • The Fund is concerned about promoting effective corporate governance practices in companies in which it invests to avoid the risk inherent in corporate governance failure.

      We delegate our voting rights to specialist fund managers who invest assets on behalf of the Fund and its members and expects that those managers will vote in the Fund's best interests in accordance with best practice standards.

      However, we reserve the right to over-ride the managers’ recommendations and to instruct the Custodian directly as to the appropriate disposition of our votes.

      The matters that Australian Catholic Superannuation expects its managers to consider include:

      • Voting rights among shareholdersShareholders should be entitled to exercise control over the composition of the board of directors of an investee organisation and to exercise control over those capital transactions as stipulated by relevant legislation. Changes to current arrangements in voting rights that restrict shareholders control over the board and over major capital transactions should be avoided.
      • Appointment of directorsShareholders are entitled to expect that directors will bring reasonable skills, experience and commitment to their roles. Gender diversity may also be considered. New directors should have reasonable experience for their role and should not have a conflict of interest precluding them from the proper performance of their duties. Current directors should demonstrate continued relevance to and competence in their roles and commitment to their duties.
      • Director remunerationCompensation for directors should be reasonable and aligned with shareholder interests. Remuneration levels and policy should be reported in a form that is easily understood by investors and with a level of detail that affords investors the opportunity to properly assess their suitability.
      • Changes to capital structures that may effect shareholder valueShareholders should be entitled to receive the profits of the business in compensation for the risk capital they have provided. Changes to the current arrangements in capital structures that interfere with the proper flow of profits to shareholders should be resisted.
      • Corporate conflicts of interestOrganisations should maintain commercial terms and proper levels of disclosure in all dealings with customers and suppliers.

      How we exercise our voting rights

      To date, while we have monitored our managers’ votes, the Fund has not directed the managers to vote a particular way. 

      For more information, download our Responsible Investment and Governance Policy (PDF).